June 3, 2013


Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Sister Cardon and Sister Ryan

One Month!!!

So crazy to think that I have been out for a month! It has flown by so fast I can't even believe it! This week has been an amazing and crazy week many unforgettable experiences. I accidentally like blew up our flat this week haha..not really but I blew out our heater and a lot of the electrical plugs from plugging my straightener in....and yes I used the adapter. We went without a heater for a couple days haha until we were smart enough to find the breaker box. But hair things aren't going to work here.
Something I have been studying this week and really want and need to work on is just my communication. I am not the best speaker and I can get tripped up in speaking pretty easily. I have been praying for this and also to be able to ask more inspired questions. This week I studied in 2 Nephi 7 and I noticed in order to obtain a "tongue of the learned" I must listen and have a "ear of the learned" I need to be a better listener. I notice that I sometimes try to think of what to say next rather than just simply listen and I keep myself from listening to the specific needs of the individual. It can sometimes be kinda scary for me to do but I just need to have faith that I will be prompted. So I'm trying to work on that, pray for it and have patience with it. I really love personal study every morning it is something that I cherish and soak up every second of.
Yesterday we witnessed a major miracle. We decided rather than getting a ride back to our flat from church and find over there that we would again try to visit some formers that we had tried by the first week. As we did so again no one answered but on our way back we ran into a lady on the street. We simply stopped, greeted and explained that we were here as missionaries. She quickly stopped us and proceeded to tell us that it was amazing that we stopped her because it was the first time she has come out of her house in the past 8 weeks since her brother passed away. She asked us if we had time to walk and talk with her on the way up to her house. Of course we did and we just talked about some of the trials she has faced in life and how through Jesus Christ we can have peace and comfort through these trials. On the way to her home we passed the church building and just so happened to have the Elders keys that we accidentally forgot to give back during church. We asked her if she would like a tour and she was excited to have the opportunity. She loved all the art and pictures around the building. We took her to each room (the building is pretty small) and explained what everything was and how a church service would go. We then took her to the baptismal font and opened the doors for her to see. We all sat there in the peace and quiet. The spirit was so strong. I cannot write or explain the feeling. She said quietly, "There is such a peace here." Again we stood in the peace and quiet for a little bit. The spirit electrified through me I really cannot explain it. After that we took her to the chapel and sat in peace there. I had the opportunity to play a couple hymns as we just sat in the peace and comfort. We ended with bearing of testimony the importance of Christ and with a prayer actually a couple. She wanted us to say one and then she said one of gratitude to The Lord for meeting us. We set up an appointment for Tuesday. Not only in itself is that amazing but she was our WWWW (who, what, when, where). On Thursday during weekly planning we were trying to decide who we needed to find this week. I pondered this quietly and said a quick prayer in my heart that we would be able to choose who the Lord wanted us to find and look for. The thought immediately came to my head that we needed to find a female that was struggling with a recent death in her family and that we needed to bear testimony of the Savior, His Atonement and the Plan of Salvation. She fit this mold perfectly and was so clearly placed in our path. It was truly a huge blessing and miracle.
That was the second time I have played the piano in a "church tour" and I was also asked to play at an All Ireland Conference in Dublin on Wednesday and in church the upcoming weeks. I'm not sure how everyone found out that I play but obviously the Lord wants me to use that even though I feel like I am not nearly good enough to play in these situations and I have never really played for people singing outside of FHE. I know that as I do this and use these opportunities the Lord is giving me that It will strengthen me. I am so grateful for the many miracles, blessings, experiences the Lord has given me this week. Prayers have been answered and I have just felt the guidance so strongly this week!

Thank you to everyone that sent me graduation announcements! I loved them! And congrats to everyone that graduated"
Thank you Uncle Bob for your letter I very much enjoyed it and I am so grateful for the insights. Thank you for being such a great Uncle!
Thank you Aunt Patty for the book! That is really neat! I loved it!
Thank you everyone for the letters I am so blessed to have all of you in my life!
Tell Reggie and Julie hello for me and give them both a big hug from me.

Love You All and hope you all have another amazing week!

Sister Moore

Love you


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