May 27, 2013


Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Sister Cardon and Sister Ryan

A week of miracles

Hello everyone!
This week has been amazing and just so packed full with miracles I don't even know where to begin.
We had the chance to teach a lady and she had already had a Book of Mormon and had read the whole thing cover to cover and did Moroni's promise on her own. She said she knew it was true and she knew that everything we were teaching her was true. She lost her husband and son both not too long ago and has found comfort in the Book Of Mormon. At the end of the lesson I asked her is she would be baptized by someone holding the authority of God (which we had discussed in the lesson)She said yes and she is going to pray about June 23rd so that was so exciting! The Lord provides a way! We do a lot of street contacting, especially because we are the area for sisters so we are starting pretty fresh with finding people to teach. Most people are pretty nice I have been yelled at a couple times though. I find that a lot of people don't want to listen because here in Londonderry there is a lot of conflict and contention between the Protestants and the Catholics and they see that and don't want religion because of the contention it brings in this town which is really sad. This week we found a guy named Janusz (he is from Polland) on the street we taught him a short little lesson he was really interested in
prophets so we taught him on Sunday. He is amazing. He is working on his English so his Book of Mormon reading is slow because he has to go back and forth with a dictionary but we are getting him a polish one soon so that will be good. He had several genuine and good questions about prophets and the Book of Mormon that we were able to answer and he expressed how he was raised Catholic but he has felt like it is missing something. He strongly desire to follow the Savior and he loves Jesus Christ so much. I'm excited for him to learn more and be able to read the Book of Mormon. This week the streets have been pretty crazy because there has been a 3 day concert going on so everyone is really drunk and crazy. Sunday night Bruno Mars was here so it has just been crazy. Church was really good even though none of investigators showed up which was sad but some of them are out of town so hopefully next week! Sunday night there was a fireside in Letterkenny that I spoke at....So officially in this not even a month that I have been on my mission I have been in 4 different countries!!! But the fireside was awesome! The spirit was so strong. A recent convert from Gana spoke and a lady that has been investigating for a while and knows the church is true but hasn't been baptized spoke. It was really powerful to hear their testimonies. I was just filled with the spirit of the Lord and full of gratitude for the privilege I have to be serving a mission. It is truly a privilege and blessing! I spoke about conversion and that it is a process not an event. We have experiences that add to our conversion but it is life long and the more we draw near unto the Lord the more He will draw near unto us. I kind of directed my talk on investigator since there were several of them there but I talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we become converted unto the Lord. I explained that conversion isn't always a huge manifestation but most often is a quiet miracle that happens within us. It is such an special and amazing experience that is just between us and the Savior. He knows us perfectly and loves us perfectly and as we continue our conversion we can feel that stronger than ever before. It was a really good night. The highlight story of the week is a good one! We had an appointment to meet with our investigator Nathan. He was one of our WWWW's that we found one night on our way back to the flat. He is a younger guy and just really has no direction or belief but is really willing and wanting to listen. We had an appointment with him and he lives right down the street from us in a hostile. We got there and signed in on a visitors sheet then went and sat in the lounge with him to teach him. Him and his friend sat as we kind of reviewed what we had talked about on the street and began the lesson. Throughout this time I cannot tell you how many people filed in and out of that room to listen, make remarks or whatever. It was pretty crazy. Then this older man comes in and sits on the couch. As we tried to teach he couldn't stop telling me how beautiful I was and we would just continue teaching and he would make a few remarks about the Catholic church and how we were wrong but eventually just bring up how beautiful I was so it Kinda started to freak me out and I couldn't talk to him anymore. Poor Nathan was trying to get him to stop and to stop talking about the Catholic church. He kept saying, They're not here to talk about that and at the same time he was trying to keep everyone else that had come in quiet and composed. All of a sudden we see two of these guys with their fists up and one guy just punched the other in the face making him fly into the wall so they all ran over trying to break that up. We knew at that point it was time for us to leave so we got up to leave but that one other guy was like no, no stay haha but the staff helped us get out. Nathan came out with us and couldn't stop apologizing. He felt so bad but said we will find a different place to meet and then asked if we could say a prayer together up the street before we left. Of course we prayed and set up another appointment so we will meet with him and hopefully be able to have a real lesson. He wants to learn and hear what we have to say and I want this so badly for him. I know that he can straighten out his life and feel the peace and happiness this gospel brings. I am loving it here! So blessed to be serving the Lord and having all these experiences. Everyday is something new and filled with so many miracles!

Hope all is well!

Love Sister Moore


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