May 20, 2013


Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Sister Cardon and Sister Ryan

In the field!

So it has been a crazy week! You all have probably heard that I am serving in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK in a town called Londonderry. The area was just opened for sisters and we share it with one set of Elders. It is great we had a really heavy rain and I was soaked completely but I loved it! My comps are great! I have a trainer Sister Ryan from Mesa and she is amazing! And Sister Cardon was in the MTC with me. This week consisted of getting our flat (apartment) all ready and situated and figuring out the area because the three of us know absolutely nothing about it here. It is great though. We have done a lot of street contacting. Just talking to everyone we see! A lot of people have been positive about the fact that the "Mormons" are sending girls now haha so that's great! But we also get a lot of..."Stay Safe" between the Protestant and Catholic churches here there is a lot of contention and it feeds over into politics as well so you have to be careful with what you say especially with the name Londonderry. Those who don't want to be associated with Britain just call it Derry. We have a couple appointments set up for this upcoming week but we have only taught a few street lessons so far. I have had some of the most amazing and funny experiences though! Every day in our nightly planning we create a WWWW (Who, what, when, and Where) It is a profile of someone that we want to find the next day. We determine when we will find them, where, and who they are and maybe a concern they have that we can help them with. As we pray for and look for these people we know we are directed and blessed. On Saturday just right before we were about to go into our flat we stopped an older man (fit our profile of age) and we just started talking to him. He was previously Catholic but now hated the Catholic church from experiences he had. We talked to him about Christ and what we are doing here as missionaries. He said he admired us for what we are doing. It was getting late so we asked him if we could pray with him and he accepted. We prayed with him out on the street and then set up an appointment with him on Tuesday. As we were about to leave he asked if we would pray for him that he could stop his drinking problem. We said of course and he was so excited he said, "Okay and we can talk about it more on Tuesday!" He then came in for a hug and I was trying to just stick my hand out to shake his hand but he just pulled me in and hugged and kissed me on the head! Then he shook my comps hands haha it was pretty funny but the conversation was amazing and an answer to our prayers. His problem fit exactly our profile we had set. Church was great! It was stake conference so it was broadcasted from Salt Lake and Pres. Eyering spoke about Agency. It was amazing! The members are awesome. We didn't get to meet many but we did meet some investigators that we set up times to teach this week. We will be traveling to Letterkenny in the Republic of Ireland on Sunday to teach some women that the Elders can't and I'm speaking at a fireside that night there. There isn't a ward there so they have firesides every Sunday night for those who can't travel to Londonderry every week. The Bishop and his wife have been so sweet and helpful they are really funny. It has been a great week even though I'm sleeping on a half empty air mattress. I LOVE it and the people here. We have already been yelled at pretty badly but It is great to be here sharing this work. I LOVE this gospel! I LOVE this work! I LOVE the Book of Mormon! I LOVE my Savior! Press on everyone and know that I LOVE you!

Okay I have more time now so I will give you a little more detail about how this week has gone...
So I arrived to Edinburgh at the mission home on Wednesday after over 3 hours of travel (we rode on a bus). It was sad to leave President Edwards, the teachers, and my district but so exciting to get going and find out where I was serving and who was training me. When we got to the mission home we brought all our bags in and changed into P-day clothes to go hike what they call Pratt's Hill. When Orson Pratt came as a missionary in 1840 he hiked up and committed to baptize 200 people if the Lord would help him and he did. When we hiked up we met President and Sister Brown (I love them so much) and they told us about Orson Pratt and then we went separate ways and prayed and made our own goals and commitments to the Lord. We then went back to the mission home and had dinner and orientation. Finally we got our assignments. I am in a trio with my trainer Sister Ryan (from Mesa AZ and has been out for 10 months) and Sister Cardon who was in the MTC with me. We were assigned to open for sisters in Londonderry in Northern Ireland. That night we stayed in the mission home to get ready for travel the next morning. We woke up bright and early to catch a bus. The bus ride was over two hours long and took us to the Ferry that would take us to Belfast. After hours on the Ferry we arrived in Belfast and got a train to Londonderry. The train ride was several hours so we got to our flat kinda late. The Bishops wife picked us up from the train station and took us to our flat where we met the Elders and they helped get us situated. There were only two beds so they brought a small little blow up mattress for me. We didn't have any food so they bought us some fish and chips and a couple things to get us through the next morning. For a couple days we couldn't figure out how to get the flat heated...turns out you need oil here or something so finally we got some warm showers and a warm flat haha. On Friday it was nice and sunny then on Saturday it was freezing and poured so hard. We were soaked! It was awesome though! We got our bus passes YAY so I have used that a lot (Check that off my bucket list haha shout out to Patrick--hope you remember what I'm talking about). We are still trying to figure out the city and everything but it's great every second is an's awesome! We talk to everyone we can! We get a lot of rejections but lots of people are really nice and will talk to you at least for a little bit. The older people are harder to understand they just mumble everything but the younger people aren't as bad. We haven't chapped (knocked doors) as much as just street contacted but we are starting to get in a better normal missionary routine. I really have loved studying in the morning for an hour! I just love the Book of Mormon and the new insights that I get every time I read. This morning was especially awesome! Sorry that these email were kinda jumbled and out of order but that was my week in a nutshell. I wish I could tell you every little thing because the Lord's hand is in it all and so many miracles happen everyday but I guess the most important thing is that yall know I love this gospel and church so much! I have a testimony of the truthfulness and have received that witness for myself. This work is amazing and is pressing forward. What a blessing to be serving a mission at this time!

Sister Moore

Oh also they say Moore funny here so I might be saying it weird when I come back! :)
Hayden Congrats! Seatle! Woo Hoo!
Happy graduation to all those who are graduating soon!
Grant I heard your farewell talk was Awesome way to go!
And a shout out to the one and Only Shae! I love ya girl thanks for the letter!
I love the letters and prayers everyone! Thank you so much!


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