May 15, 2013

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Aaron Huber

Information about Londonderry,Northern Ireland

She is actually starting her mission in “Northern Ireland” not Ireland. Londonderry is on a river near the northern most part of the island. It is a good sized city and had a ward there when I served. I never served in Londonderry but have been there several times for conferences and It was in my zone when I served in Coleraine (Ward) and Limavady (Branch). When I was there it was a hot spot for what they call the “troubles” – a very segregated town. Lots of violence, armored cars, military presence, IRA activity between the Catholics who called it “Derry” and the Protestants who identify with Great Britain who called it Londonderry. From my understanding it is pretty peaceful now. Super cool things about that area. It is just across the border from Donegal (which is part of the Republic of Ireland) – in Donegal is O’Donnal castle and where the O’Donnal line originates. I think there is a family history center in Londonderry with all that info. If her zone is still with Coleraine there are some very cool tourist things to see on the Northern Coast – cliffs, castles… Very exciting.

There is also a town called Omagh that is south of Londonderry that had a ward, it is in Londonderry County.



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