May 12, 2013


Preston England (MTC), Lancashire, England


Sister Merrill

Mother's Day Surprise

Happy Mothers Day! I love you so much! They just told us yesterday that we would be able to email you today. I cant tell you how grateful I am for you, and how much I look up to you and just how much I LOVE you! If possible I would be just like you!
I just wanted to say sorry for that last email. I got to talk (email) Dad for a little bit and I feel like I worried him, which probably got to you too. But I am doing great! Satan just continued to work on me here and he got me really down on myself. I felt like I was doing terrible and that I wasnt progressing. But I have shut him out and I'm so happy and excited to be here. I know this is where I am supposed to be and I cant imagine myself doing anything else right now.
It is crazy to think that I only have 3 more days here in the MTC! It has gone by so fast! Im nervous to get out in the field but so excited! I have learned so much and have felt the spirit so strong here it is a bitter sweet feeling to leave. I love my district and teacher and have learned so much from them. They are incredible and some of the funniest people I have ever met!
On Friday night we had one of the most amazing lessons and I had the coolest experience. Brother Huemos (teacher from Germany) taught about just opening your mouth and you will be given words. We then had to role play and invite an investigator to be baptized but they would reject and we had to figure out the problem and help them with their concern. So I extended the invitation to be baptized, he denied and so I asked him what his concerns were. He explained that his family would disown him if he were to be baptized in this church. I just prayed to know what to say and ONE word popped into my head, that was "prepare". For a second I was like "Honestly, ONE word Heavenly Father?!" I then just got the answer to wait and be still. After that little silence that word turned intpo a scripture and I shared 1 Nephi 3:7. Words just stared flying out of my mouth and the spirit was so strong. The investigator ended up commiting to Baptism and then afterward said to me, "Wow, that was amazing!" The power of the Spirit of God is amazaing and so powerful it is just pure AMAZING!
Today church was really nice! I learned a lot and I just cant tell you how strong the spirit is here. Some things that really hit me is that I am a misisonary, I am set apart and I am representing the Savior. What a blessing and a responsibility. I wake up every morning and literally take upon his name. I put my tag on and it says his name right there! The meaning sacrament has expanded for me. I am to always remember him and to really take upon his name. It has been really neat! Also President Edwards wife shared this quote with us today that I really like! "Faith is the Power. Obedience is the Price. Love is the Motive. Spirit is the Key. Christ is the reason."

I love it here and I am so happy to be here! I love you and hope you know that and have a wonderful mothers day! You deserve it and are the most amazing mom (or here mum :)) in the world. I cant help but feel like the stripling warriors. I have been taught by an amazing mother and I am so grateful for that!

Sister Moore


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