May 8, 2013


Preston England (MTC), Lancashire, England


Sister Merrill

Email from the MTC

Hello Mum, Daddio, Everyone!
Love you all! I don't have very much time so sorry if this confusing and short.
So this is pretty much the hardest thing I have ever done. I knew it would be and it is a lot like I imagined. But I have been struggling like crazy with feeling capable and adequate. Thank goodness for an amazing MTC president! I love him he is amazing and has helped me A LOT! I love it here though. The weather has been really nice although they say its not usually like this. The flight was long but I adjusted pretty good. I'm here with about 77 other missionaries. I love my companion, my district, and my teachers. I especially love everyone's accents. I have two teachers from Germany and a teacher here from England. In my district I have an Elder from Denmark, and Elder from Australia and Elder from England and a Sister from Ireland. I have been blessed with an amazing district and I learn a ton from them and my teachers. The spirit is so strong here and even though it is so crazy hard and stressful, I love it and have felt the love and hand of the Lord in every single second of the day. I feel like I'm way behind a lot of the missionaries here because they are all so amazing but I'm progressing and I know the Lord can make up the difference as long as I'm exactly obedient and working my hardest. President Edward said that "Sometimes in our inadequacies all we can do is reach and take the hand of the Lord and hand it to our investigators or those in need." He is really just amazing! He used to be in the seventy.
Everyday we have time to exercise and usually our zone and all our teachers go out into the field and play football (soccer) which is huge here and everyone is like crazy intense and good. I on the other hand am really bad, so naturally I became the star of the game and every yells "Sister Moore, Sister Moore" running up and down the field its pretty funny. After one game my teacher Brother Heumos came up to me and was like " Sister Moore I was almost proud of you" hahahaha I'm really bad, but its fun!
Well I know this church is true and I have the deepest love for my Savior and this work! I wish I had more time to write more of what has happened because SOOOO much has happened and I'm learning and growing a lot. I got to go to the temple today and it was amazing, beautiful, and much needed!

I love you all and hope you are all doing amazing! You are all in my prayers!

Mom- I got the letters my first day here at lunch and loved them so much! Tell all the kids thank you and I love them so much!
Dad- I got to see a little bit of Ireland but it was really cloudy and tell Austin Hi, the cook said hi to me for him :)

Just a little Note it costs like $3 to send one letter here so I don't exactly know how I'm going to afford communication with everyone and I don't think i will be able to email next week so don't expect an email. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Mum, Grandma Moore, Nani and all you mums!
And Happy Birthday Mum if I don't get to email again before. Love you all lots!

-SIster MOore

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Sharon Moore says:
Shelby, So good to hear from you. we love you.Grams and Grandpa
on May 10, 2013

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