October 20, 2014


Sixth Area Bathgate, Scotland


Sister Womack

"Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ."

So I honestly don't even know what to say about this week. It has been quite mental but I have truly seen the blessings of the Lord. Elder Holland said, "Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ." And I have seen this so much this week. I am so grateful for that presence of Christ in my life. So I am not really going to explain all that has happened this week but I will give and update on some of our lovely friends. Robert is doing well. He is really working to be baptized on Nov. 2nd but really is struggling with quitting smoking. We are really trying to do everything we can this week to help with that. Anna is a great support there! She is helping him a lot and she is doing so well. Last week she bore a powerful testimony in church about her conversion it was amazing to see her build up that confidence to do that. Rose is great!! She is also scheduled to be baptized on Nov. 2nd but we are struggling getting her lift to church because there are no busses from her village on a Sunday and it is pretty far out there for anyone to be willing to pick her up. So hopefully we can get her there these next couple weeks so she can be baptized on her scheduled date.

Yesterday I spoke in church and was just really touched by the Spirit as I was up there. I know that the I was able to be directed by the Spirit and say what the Lord needed me to say. I was given the topic of "Bearing Testimony Frequently" (PMG 198) I just had an outline so I will try and write out some of it for you.

Bearing Your Testimony Frequently (PMG 198)

1. What is a testimony?

A. Worldly def. vs God's def.-------> A spiritual witness given by the Holy Ghost or to make a solemn declaration of truth based on personal knowledge or belief.

2. How can I get a testimony?

A. Starts with desire (Alma 29:4, Alma 32:27)
B. It is a lifetime quest! Ex. Like starting and feeding a fire. Don't let your testimony burn out!
C. Live and Keep the commandments! (Experience the Gospel)
- The best way to gain a testimony of something is to live it.
- It takes work. " Perspiration is a forerunner to inspiration" -Pres. Freed
D. Pray for it!
- "The gift of testimony can be a miraculous and life changing, but the gift of testimony usually comes as a quiet assurance" (True to the Faith pg 179)
- D&C 6:23
- Alma 5:45-46
E. Share it!!!!

3. The Importance of bearing Testimony Frequently

A. Dallin H. Oaks: "Some testimonies are better gained on the feet bearing them then on the knees praying for them"
B. "Sharing your testimony often is one of the most powerful ways of inviting the spirit and helping others feel the spirit" (PMG 198)
- Share Belfast experience with two ministers
- Difficult to question a sincere and heartfelt testimony
C. "Bearing Testimony Frequently" is found in ch. 11 of PMG which is the "Keeping Commitments Ch. This shows that we have a commitment and duty to God to do so. It is part of our Baptismal covenant which we renew each week.
- Alma 4:19
- D&C 88:81
D. Testimonies and Testaments are obviously important to God.
- Old testament
- New testament
- The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ
- The Holy Ghost testifies
- Every Prophet and apostle
- Every missionary
- Every member should!

4. What happens when I feel my testimony is weak?

A. Share it!.... Build it!...
B. Ether 12:6
C. If a storm were to damage our roof we would repair it, same with our testimonies we need to protect and repair them constantly as the storms of life come our way.
- Helaman 5:12
D. Part of moms letter
E. Testimony is meant to be tested.
F. Last verse of hymn 137


commitment ---> Pray for and seek opportunities to bear testimony each day

promised blessing------> own testimony will be strengthened and become and instrument in hands of the lord . many will be brought to truth.

Love you!!!!!!!!


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