October 7, 2014


Sixth Area Bathgate, Scotland


Sister Womack

a couple quick highlights of my week

So this week has just been packed full!!!! We have been working really hard and have just been so busy. It has been such a blessing. I really wish I had more time to explain it all. I will have to just give a couple quick highlights. This week we taught a new investigator , Rose. She is 20 and from Zimbabwe. She just moved here and her family are members of the church. So we taught her the Restoration this week and committed her to be baptized on November 2nd and she accepted!!!! She is so prepared! We are so excited for her. We have a lot to teach her before then but it is very exciting! Robert is also doing well he is having a hard time with quitting smoking but he is working towards November 2nd as well. Emma gave us 3 referrals last week so we are excited to be able to meet and teach them this week. General Conference was amazing!!!! We watched Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning sessions. It cut in and out so we missed some of it but it was so good and we had Gemma, Emma, Robert and Anna there. They all enjoyed it. I really loved Elder Jorg Kleg....(can't remember his name) talk. It was powerful!!!! Then yesterday we had a zone development day in Edinburgh. The whole zone met up together for the whole day and we played a bunch of sports. We played American football and I am proud to say that I did actually really well. I am soooooo sore today though hahaha. We played for hours and I haven't ran aound that hard for a while. I feel old hahaha. It was good fun!! We also watched The Best Two Years which was super funny to watch as a missionary. It made me want to cry haha. Well I love you all and hope you have the most wonderful week of your lives!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Love Sister Moore


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