September 8, 2014


Sixth Area Bathgate, Scotland


Sister Ashdown

grateful for the gospel and the opportunity I have to share it

Okay so the library here likes to kick us off the computers a lot so sorry if this is really short and mixed up but I will do my best. So the most exciting thing happened yesterday! Anna was baptized!!!! She is the cutest and was so excited! It was such a good baptism! We had 2 Part member families there and her husband came to all of church and the baptism. It was really neat because he came up to me afterward and told me that he would like us to start teaching him so he could be baptized. So neat! anna was seriously so excited though. She is one of the most quiet timid girls but right before she was to get into the font we were with her trying to unlock the door from the bathroom to the font but we couldn't figure it out and she was not having it haha she shoved Sister Ashdown out of the way and tried to get it herself. It was so funny I was seriously dyeing laughing. That was not like her at all but she was not having it and was just so ready to get in that water. Finally we got it to open and she practically dove in. We got to stand at the door and have a "sideline" view. It is so great! I can't help but reflect on my baptism and the the convenant that we make when we are baptized and that we renew every Sunday as we take the Sacrament. This was definitely the highlight of the week but we have had a lot of great other things happen. We had zone meeting in Edinburgh on Tuesday. It was really powerful! The Zone Leaders instructed on being Bold and talking to everyone! Also Gemma is doing really good. We have had some major and really powerful lessons with her this week. I know it was hard for her to hear and face some of the things but she is amazing and is wants this. she has reached the point where she doesn't only want this for herself but for all those around her especially her family. We are hoping that she will accept a baptism date this week. I know that she has felt the Spirit a lot especially in these past 2 weeks I am filled with gratitude as I reflect the week and the many miracles that have filled it. I am truly grateful for the gospel and the opportunity I have to share it. it lights up my life and I love it!

I love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Love Sister Moore


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