August 4, 2014


Fifth Area, Aberdeen, Scotland


Sister Condie and Sister Pugh

Exciting week

What an exciting week this has been. I wish I could explain it a lot better than I am probably going to be able to do. So anyways here I go...
Billy is doing pretty good! We did a lot at the farm! All the sheep were needing wormed so it was our job to catch them this week. We did a lot of running and chasing them and because Billy's farm isn't in the best of conditions they escape from pasture to pasture pretty easily. I had to go after all the stray ones and had to climb up on this little ledge near the stream to catch one and carry it back in and in the process got stinging nettles all on my arms haha. However we managed to get the job done and have a really good lesson. He is understanding a lot better than he has in the past. He is just a crack up though! He didn't come to church this week though. We are trying to work with getting him there consistently. He understands that it is important and a commandment it just seems that something always happens on a sunday like cows get out or something but he is trying! Poly came to church again!!!! He is actually doing really good! We set a baptism date for him this week and he is praying and reading a lot to prepare and make sure that this is what Heavenly Father wants him to do. He is so awesome! We started teaching one of his friends yesterday at his house and it went so well. We have previously talked to his friend Michael but he was always really "Bible bashy" so we decided to watch the Restoration video with them yesterday and the Spirit was so strong! He was speachless and really felt the Spirit. We invited him to be baptized and he couldn't even speak he just nodded his head until he could get the words ou to ask about baptism. I was way neat! We also leanred their Nigerian names and Poly gave me and Nigerian name. I wish I could remember how to write it but it means God is beautiful. I just love how much they love God and want to serve him! Greg looked at some anti stuff this week and he has become pretty agressive towards the church. He has almost switched to wanting to try and save us from it. We had a lesson with him yesterday and he just talked about things he had read and watched in the internet. It was really sad and the Spirit just wasn't there. It was sad but it was so nice that we had Poly and Michaels lesson right after and the Spirit was so srong. Such a powerful winess of the truthfulness of the Restoration. Oliver is so funny. We had quite the interesting week with him. We saw him a couple times and he played basket ball with us on Saturday with a couple of out other investigators. It is his birthday today so on saturday we brought him a cake and sang happy birthday to him. He got a kick out of it. One of the times we saw him during the week when we showed up he was "randomly" wearing a bullet proof vest. It was pretty funny but at the same time a little sketch because we were in one of the more dodgy parts of town and he said he just felt like he needed to wear it that day. It ended up being pretty cool though because we had planned to alk about the Armor of God and it actually really helped him to understand it. Hen he craziest/funniest/scariest part of the week was when he came to church! He came but unfortunately he came so hung over. Walking into the building he just walked right into the door haha. From that moment on I knew it was going to be interesting but I was not expecting what was coming our way hahaha. So of course he had to clap after the hymns and when they announced that they would like to welcome any visitors he raised his hand and he could barely grab the sacrament tray without dropping it. Then since it was fast and testimony meetinga and he saw that everyone was getting up to bear their testimonies he decided that he also needed to bear his testimony. There was no way we were letting him go up there though. He kept trying to stand up and walk up there but we just help him down and told him he couldn't go up and that we were going to have to take him to take him out if he wasn't reverent. It was seriously like taking care of a child in a mans body! I was praying so hard the whole time that everything would be fine and that he wouldn't distract too many people. Oh boy it was an adventure! We survived though and just sent him on his merry little way after scarament meeting. We are really going to have to have a talk with him this week haha. I am jsut so grateful for every little experience I have on my mission. Hey were so varied this week and I just learned so much from each of them. I am especially grateful for the Spirit! It is true and testifies of truth!.
well gota go I have 20 sec before the computer shuts off.....
Love you All

LOve SIster Moore


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