July 28, 2014


Aberdeen, Scotland


Sister Condie and Sister Pugh

Amazing week

We had a really amazing week! I feel like we got a lot done which makes me so happy! We picked up some new friends to teach and got to see a lot of our other friends we are teaching quite a bit which is just awesome!
We also had exchanges this week so we had a car for a day which really helped to be able to see our friends that are further out like Billy. They finished shearing all the sheep this week so that is really exciting. He has a bunch of naked sheep running about the farm now. His desire and and understanding of the gospel continues to grow which is just so exciting to see! We have had some really powerful lessons with him recently out on the farm! He should be getting baptized soon! I really enjoyed exchanges. I got to be with Sister Steed. She is great and I really just loved learning from her and talking with her. We talked about some of our weaknesses that we want to change before the end of our missions. We also talked about how sometimes we expect ourselves to be perfect and discussed an article from the most recent Ensign that our mission president had all us missionaries read. I think it is called "Becoming Perfect in Christ" or something like that but I would encourage everyone to read it. It is really good! Sister Steed also said something that really stood out to me. She said sometimes we just need to embrace imperfection. Not meaning necessarily embrace the things we are imperfect in but the fact that we are imperfect, because it wont always be that way. Right now we have such an opportunity to learn from and really strengthen out imperfections and I have learned this week that I really just need to be grateful for them and the opportunity I have a lot to learn from them and work to change them.
Our other friends are doing pretty good as well. Oliver quit smoking and is working on quitting drinking. It has made him really sick and shaky so it is a slow process but his faith is awesome! At the end of our last lesson we had with him as we were walking away he told us he felt sad because he didn't want us to leave or that feeling that we had just all felt. Greg is still his atheist self but is progressing in his own way. He is almost scared to believe in God but he admits he feels happier when we are there teaching. We are trying to help him understand that it is the Spirit. Poly is doing pretty good. He has been fasting this week to know if he should be baptized. he is one of our Nigerian friends and is really having a war within himself. He is great though!
On Sunday we had Billy and his friend Louise at church which was really exciting! Right after church we had a dinner appointment with Sister Mead. She fed us Haggis, nips and tatties! Yay! My first real haggis! It was really good! I really enjoyed it. Then later that night we had a missionary fireside at the church. Four of the members shared about their missions in Greece, France, Portugal and the Ivory Coast of Africa. It was really cool to hear about all of their missions and to reflect on my own and to kinda have a flash flood of all the many miracles and blessings i have seen on my mission! I am so grateful for my mission! I love this opportunity so much! It truly has my heart. I am grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with the opportunity to share the Restored gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that this is Christ's church. I know it strengthens families and is God's plan for our earthly and eternal happiness. I just love it!

I have learned so much this week and wish I could just share it all but sadly I am the slowest typer in the world hahaha. Love you all!

Love SIster Moore


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