June 30, 2014


Aberdeen, Scotland


Sister Rousseau

moves calls :(

So sadly we got moves call last night and Sister Rousseau is leaving on Wednesday. But on the upside I have TWO companions coming my way, so another trio! It should be super fun! Suzanne was baptized this week! She had been a little nervous previously because she hadn't told her parents but everything went well and they both came. She had a really great day!

On Monday we taught our American/German investigator, Marlana. She is about our age and is married to an Aberdonian so she lives here. She is super great and made us some super yummy German food for dinner! It was super great until I spilled it all over her literally all of it everywhere! I felt super bad but thank goodness wood floors are super easy to clean up.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and we watched the Work of Salvation broadcast again. It was so good! I am just feeling such a love and gratitude or this special and important work that we each have the opportunity to witness and be a part of. We had a couple appointments fall through but we got to do some good finding around the city! We had planned on finding some one with "wispy hair" and then I see this guy with an Afro on the other side of the street. SO I freaked and pointed to him and was like "Sister Rousseau, Sister Ruosseau! There's our guy!" Before I knew it she was darting into a bunch of mid city traffic chasing him down hahahaha it was so funny so I had to catch up dodging cars and all sorts. He was way awesome! He actually lives in Glasgow and wants to learn more so we got to pass him on the the Sisters there. It was way awesome!

Later in the week we had a flat inspection. And the Senior couple from Glasgow came up! It was so good to see them! They updated me on things. Pierre and Carlos went down to the temple with the ward last week and Carlos got the Priesthood!!!! It just made my heart so happy! We also have met a bunch of way prepared people this week. We met the neighbor of a member that has cancer. It was way awesome we started out doing card tricks with her little boy with our cards (which by the way has been a dream of mine to do hahahahah it only works with kids though). And while we were doing that and waiting for our bus we talked to his mom and she invited us to come back! They are seriously so prepared!!!!!!!

On Saturday we had a way awesome lesson with two new investigators Oliver and Victoria. We had met Oliver on the street briefly on Monday and set up an appointment. We were on our way (running late) to an appointment and I had seen him and just really thought we should talk to him. I had a thought that he may be the brother of our investigator that is currently in prison. Turns out he was!!!!!!! Anyways so we taught them on Saturday. They both have had way hard lives! Oliver is really struggling with drinking right now but it went really well. We only got part way through the Restoration but we had to go so we set up another appointment for Sunday.

On Sunday we had two poeplel at church and our lesson with Oliver and Vitoria was amazing! We finished the Restoration and committed them both to baptism dates. They were seriously begging us to be baptized though. I know that this is the Lords work and that he prepares people and that this gospel an truly change us. Sorry I am running out of time but I love you all!!!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Love SIster Moore


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