June 23, 2014


Aberdeen, Scotland


Sister Rousseau

We had a great week!

We had a great week! Nice and packed full! On Monday we went to a driving range with some of the other missionaries and "golfed" in kilts hahahah it was pretty funny! I am terrible though. I hoped that my skill would increase with the fact that I was in Scotland wearing a kilt but nope..... That night we had exchanges and it was so nice! I went on exchanges with a Sister from Germany and I really just learned a lot from her faith. We had a dinner appointment so we talked a lot about working with the members since that is something that is lacking a bit but I really learned a lot from her! We also had Zone Interview Training so we had some really good instruction from the Assistants, Zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders plus interviews with President. It was really good! This week we had to say goodbye to Suzanne because she is moving back to Dunfermline for the summer since school is out. She is getting baptized down there this Sunday though so we are super excited for her! Again we got to chase sheep at the farm. It was super fun! WE used the dogs this week! I don't think they are really trained though because one of them just kept running circles around me the whole time instead of the sheep but it was fun and we got the job done! Then we taught Billy the word of wisdom. He had a lot of questions about alcohol, tea, coffee and tobacco and why we cant just use them sparingly but he said that he would live it. He is great! Later in the week the Bishop had a big BBQ at his house for this whole world cup and Billy and 2 of his friends came!!!!! It was so good to be able to introduce him to the ward members!!! They really enjoyed it as well so it was great! On Friday we met a way prepared girl. She was leaving on holiday the next day but she was way awesome and told us to come by when she gets back in a week! We are super excited! We also saw a less active named Rachel. We saw her last week for the first time and she has really had a hard life. She is super super sweet though. WE had an amazing lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation and she had a lot of questions! They were so good though and you could really see the Spirit work with her and answer her questions. She told us that since we had come to see her that she had quit smoking and was reading from the Book of Mormon every day. She said she has felt of the Spirit and she is working to feel it more. She is amazing! It was a really powerful lesson. I really love her! Then we had a crazy lesson with our investigator Poly about the Priesthood. He is having a hard time with it. He is getting it mixed up with the Holy Ghost. So we were talking about the difference and the need for Priesthood authority. He had a lot of deep questions as well. It was a pretty intense lesson. Then later that night our investigator Marlana fed us. She is awesome! She is originally from Florida but her family moved to Germany when she was 10 so she is kinda German and then she married a guy from Aberdeen so she is living here. SHe is vegetarian and fed us this awesome vegetarian meal! It was sooooo good! SHe is feeding us some German food tonight so that should be fun. SHe is way awesome. Yesterday we had dinner with some members. THey have a big family and it just seriously reminded me of our families all together hahah. So loud and crazy and everyone smashed on top of each other on the couch it was way funny! It was really nice too because there aren't a lot of families here and it breaks my heart to see. It really made me grateful for all of you! I know that this gospel is true and that it blesses and strengthens families! I am so so grateful for that. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love SIster Moore


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