August 21, 2017




Hermana Levy

Heavenly Father is calling us with open arms to work miracles.

Hey everyone!!

Hope you are all doing well. This week I don´t have very much to say, but I hope the very little that I have to say touches your hearts.

Cristina and her family are progressing so fast that we decided to change their baptism date! They will be getting baptized a week before we had planned! They keep getting better and better and we got a member to be Cristina´s friend. We also received a really cool referral named Luisa. She is sooo prepared for this gospel. As we look for these people, Heavenly Father puts more into our path. The even better thing is that I was stressing about finding more people this week, but Heavenly Father just threw Luisa in there to help me to remember that I need to trust in Him because it is His work. He also let Maria, an investigator that we have been trying to get to church, come to church this week. Yet ANOTHER tender mercy!!

We went to the institute building this week and I was sooo uncomfortable because it felt like I was in college for a second. Wow! I hope it isn´t that bad when I get home, haha. When we were there an Elder told me that I must have been out on my mission for a while because I have a Dominicanized American accent. I thought that was kind of funny.

One thing that I have learned this week was something that an investigator told me. He said, ¨Heavenly Father is calling to us with open arms so that He can work miracles.¨ WOW. Isn´t that so true?? Sometimes we just distance ourselves from God when things get rough, but all He wants is for us to come to Him and ask Him for help. When we do so, miracles will happen! Also something that I found this week in my studies was this quote that says, ¨Our Father in Heaven is concerned not just about our comfort but even more about our upward progress.¨ Yes, He wants us to be comforted by Him, but at the same time He wants us to keep progressing so He gives us things that help us to grow and become closer to Him. Sometimes it is REALLY uncomfortable and we feel alone, but we become the people He KNOWS we can become. What a blessing! I am so grateful for that knowledge that Heavenly Father blessed me with.

I know that if we run to our Father in Heaven and let Him change us, we will progress and become better people. We will be able to do miracles and see miracles. Stay positive and everything will work out!

Love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski

The pics:
Hermana Levy and I studying, us with Cristina´s daughter, us with a member and an investigator, and us in our paintball stuff from today!


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