July 24, 2017




Hermana Maxfield

Crazy Baptism Week

Hey everyone!

As usual baptism weeks are crazyyyyy. We had surprise intercambios (exchanges) and that threw things off a little bit, but they were good. They were a little stressful because I got stressed and lost my confidence so I lost the spirit... WORST feeling ever. Everything worked out though so don´t worry. Then I come home the next day and just cried to the members that lived below us because they asked me how I was doing. I have just grown to love them so much and they´re just like family to me. I am so grateful for them. Then Hermana Maxfield and I made fried oreos, wafers, and baptismal invitations. That helped us both to not stress so much and to be happy. Then the day before the baptism the Bishop told us we had to change the time of the baptism... That was so hard because we had already given all of the baptism invitations out, BUT Heavenly Father knows what He´s doing. Everything worked out 10x better. We were able to decorate and practice our special musical number as a district before the baptism.

The baptism was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Sarais was glowing and so happy. After all that hard work that we went through with her it was so amazing to see her get baptized. Also we found these really cool guys that are so ready for this gospel. One went to EFY and has the spirit really strong with him. The other wants to be a missionary really bad and has a love for the gospel already.

Something that really touched me this week was when the bishop let us watch the Pioneer Day thing that the MoTab and Alex Boyé did. As I was sitting there he sang a song from Moana and it said, ¨You must find happiness where you are.¨ That is so true! No matter where you are in your life or no matter where you are in the world, we can always choose to be happy. We have so many reasons to be happy. Our attitudes can change so many things.

Here are pics from the baptisms!!
Have a great week.

Love you all,
Hermana Maikoski


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