June 13, 2017




Hermana Maxfield

The Book of Mormon is Powerful!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn´t write yesterday. The power was out ALL day yesterday so we couldn´t write. Good news... I am staying her in Esperanza with Hermana Maxfield for another transfer!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Anyway this passed week was a good one except for the fact that I got sick... Moral of the story - don´t eat three mangos in a row, haha. Also we didn´t have electricity one day so we ended up falling asleep because it was so hot... OOPS. Another person that we contacted told us that the only bad thing about us was that we don´t use umbrellas to protect us from the sun and that was funny to hear haha.

The good thing is that we have seen a lot of miracles in Esperanza. We found this really awesome lady named Diana and she LOVES to listen. Then later we found her boyfriend and he is really interested. We shared 3 Nephi 11 with him and the Spirit was so strong. It was definitely guiding the lesson. He practically testified of the Book of Mormon. He said that it is something new and it makes sense. We are going to put a baptism date with him very soon because he has the right questions, a desire, and a love for the Book of Mormon. Then one day we found this really cool family in their house and they don´t have too much of a desire to listen, but they let us in, fed us, and we felt just at home. They were a very unified family. Also we were walking and a lady with some disabilities stopped us. She calls me ¨mi amiga¨. She asked us for some clothes and some lipstick so Hermana Maxfield and I felt like we should give her some. We went home and brought her it and she was smiling sooo bright. I´m sure it made my day just as much as it made hers. Then we found 2 old investigators in their houses and we started teaching them again. We had passed by their house like a million times, but they were never there. We just happened to find them there because they are both in casts. Now they are ready for this gospel. Seriously it amazes me just how much Heavenly Father orchestrates our lives.

This week I am just overwhelmed with my testimony and power of the Book of Mormon. Especially after that lesson that we had with Carlos. I was reading my Patriarchal blessing and it told me 3 times that I should study the scriptures so that I would be able to stay firm in the gospel and share it with others. I had never seen that before and now I understand why it says that. As I engulf myself in the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, I find that I am happier and that I have more strength to move on. I loved a quote that Elder Bednar said and that I found this week that said, ¨You and I must look to and come unto Christ, by reading, studying, searching, and feasting upon the words of Christ as contained in the Holy Scriptures. By so doing, we can receive both spiritual direction and protection during our mortal journey. ¨ That is so true and I cannot testify more to what Elder Bednar said!! I have seen so many miracles when we have used the Book of Mormon in our lessons and as we have seriously studied it out!

Love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski

District pic. the rest are us after a choir practice and the kids totally dog piled us


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