March 20, 2017


Puerto Plata


Hermana Shaw

Birthday Week!!

Hey everyone!

This week was ABSOLUTELY wonderful! I felt the love of my Heavenly Father so strong. As I went through this week I was able to help and serve so many people! On Tuesday we started it off by listening to Elder Anderson and we got to reunite all of the missionaries in the Santiago mission. The message that Elder Anderson shared really touched my heart. I had been pondering about how I could be a better missionary and improve my teaching skills. When I went into that devotional, I was so surprised that I got my answer. He told us how we should be careful about how many baptisms we have. The people in the DR believe in God and sometimes we bring people to baptism too fast. He mentioned two things that a person getting ready to be baptized should have. One was that they should REALLY understand repentance. As missionaries we need to teach them to earnestly and honestly turn to their Father in Heaven when they need help. Then the second one was that they need to have a love for the Book of Mormon. If they have that love for the Book of Mormon, they will understand the Atonement better and want to repent. They will keep all of their commitments. The Spirit will testify to the the truth of everything. I loved that! What a great promise. It shows the 3 most important things of the gospel: Repentance, Atonement, and the Book of Mormon.

We seriously partied all week! It was great. The Elders and my comp and I ran this week for my birthday and it was great!!! The Elders spent 4 hours making me a cake on my birthday and they were so excited to surprise me with it! (see pics below). Then some members made me a HUGE dinner. I woke up on my birthday and people were calling me non-stop. I didn´t realize just how much people loved me... On my mission I have been able to see just how much worth I have. We had 4 investigators in church this week which is a miracle! Then we had a really spiritual lesson with the Elders on my birthday. We were having a hard time answering his questions so the Elders came to help us out. They said EXACTLY what our investigator needed to hear. He had looked up stuff on the internet about our church and he lost the spirit, but after that lesson he gained it back and came to church this Sunday! The spirit really is amazing and can change hearts. Then we all had a great lesson yesterday with some referrals of some members. We all testified of the restored gospel and HOLY COW! I cannot explain well enough how much I was crying because the Spirit was so strong.

I feel like as we come closer to our Heavenly Father that we feel the Spirit more abundantly in our lives. WHAT A BLESSING! He is our guide and he helps us to feel the love of our Father in Heaven. I know that this is the same church that Jesus Christ established when He was on the Earth and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. Sorry this is all jumbled but I have sooo much to say and so little time. Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and emails. I love you all so much and have a great week!

Hermana Maikoski


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