February 27, 2017


Puerto Plata


Hermana Shaw

Happy Independence Day (DR)!!

Okay I have gotten a few emails asking about how many times I have pointed my lips this passed week and it was a big number of...... 3!! Hahaha, ever since we had pointed it out, I have been more conscious of doing it, so we´ll see if I'll keep doing it. I have started hissing at people too...

Today is the DR´s Independence Day! On their independence day it is like Halloween. They wear costumes and buy them. They also have carnivals and parades. The children that are still in school march in parades. We spent it with a member making/learning how to make Dominican food! It was so much fun.

This week was a little rough for me as well. Satan knew that I had begun to trust in my Father in Heaven and the Holy Ghost, but I could see so many miracles in this passed week. We met this one guy named Gabriel. He was one of the first people to meet the first missionaries in the DR. We haven´t had the chance to teach him, but he told us how he has always been a good friend of the ¨Mormons¨. Then with the person that asked about church last week, Jefferson, he now has a fecha (baptism date) for my birthday (March 18). He is really going to try to be a better person and although he didn´t come to church last week, he has SOOO much potential.

Also Omar told me a really awesome dream and story that he had. His story was about 2 men that were on their way to heaven. They both had to cross this river full of sins. They could either swim through the river or take a boat. One man took the boat and one swam through the river. The one that took the boat went straight to hell because he took the easy way out. The one that swam through the river went straight to heaven. Omar later went on to describe how we are all going to make mistakes, but that is how we learn and grow and once we repent of those sins, we can get to heaven. This meant so much to me because the week before he had drunk a ¨little¨ bit of alcohol, but I have seen him go through the repentance process and I have seen him get the Spirit back through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Then he went on to tell us about another dream he had. He said that all of his friends were trying to enter into heaven and they could but he couldn´t. He was SOOO upset. He was sitting there pleading to get in, but he just couldn´t enter. Then near the end of his dream he heard a voice and saw a light and he was allowed to enter. He told me that it had been a while since he had had this dream, but now in that moment he realized that he was allowed to enter because he had gotten baptized. Now that I look back at his dream, I think about how Jesus Christ is the light and the voice that allows us to enter into the presence of our Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for the Atonement and that when we make mistakes we can always become better if we really have the desire.

Also this Sunday, I sat at the piano and the Sacrament almost wasn´t passed to me. I had 3 thoughts: "It´s fine... I don´t want to bother the poor Deacon"; "I am not worthy to partake of it", and "NO I HAVE TO TAKE IT". I got the Deacon to come bring me the Sacrament because as I was sitting there, my heart sunk when I thought of not partaking of the Sacrament. We all need the Atonement of Jesus Christ to become better people. I had even prepared for Sunday all week and was thinking about Jesus´s sacrifice for me during the Sacrament. We all deserve the Sacrament. Jesus didn´t only just atone for the sinners, but for the weak and the strong and the ones firm in their testimonies. My challenge for you all this week is to try to prepare yourselves for the Sacrament and think only of Jesus when it is being passed. I can promise you that you will feel renewed during the week and will be able to do whatever the Lord asks of you.

Love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski

I attached pictures of Hermana Shaw and I, habichuelas con dulce that we made with a member, us with a member (Maria Antonia), and me holding a dog (como siempre - as always).


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