January 16, 2017


Puerto Plata


Hermana Shaw

That's the best religion in the world!

Hello everyone!

So this week started off as probably one of the worst weeks ever, but Hevaenly Father is SO amazing! On Tuesday we were late to our Zone meeting because I took the wrong ruta and I just happened to be giving the spiritual thought, then our citas were falling through, and people were asking me the hardest questions that I had no idea how to answer. Heavenly Father is so GREAT though. When I was late, the other sisters in the area helped me out and walked in with me. Our zone leaders really liked my spiritual thought about obedience and I just testified when I had no idea what to say to these people with hard questions.

Anyway one really cool experience that we had this week was when we got in a ruta and the driver started to just talk to us. He asked us if we were Mormons and then when we responded yes he said this, ¨That´s the best religion in the world!¨ I asked him why he had said that and he told me that we always help others that are in need, that we have the best doctrine, and that we share messages that inspire people and help people out. I had the distinct prompting to give him a pamphlet of the Restoration, but he was driving so fast! I decided to get one out anyway and started writing our information. Then we hit a red light and so I was able to calm down and as we got out I was able to hand him one.

Also we had intercambios this week and they were AMAZING! I was with Hermana Baez. She is ending her mission in the beginning of February. At first I was really scared, but everything went really well. We had a member with us and the spirit was so strong. Omar, the person with the baptism date, was feeling the spirit so strong and I could see it. Then after the member left, we went to a new cita and I accidentily went to the wrong house, but I decided to contact it. I could feel how prepared and ready this person was. Then at the end of the day Hermana Baez told me that I had nothing I needed to improve on and that she was really excited for our area. She could see how hard we were working. She also told me that she could feel the spirit really strong every time I talked. She told me that she could see my love for the members and our investigators. Also she said that we were being really obedient and that she could see the fruits of our labors for that. I really needed to hear all of that because I was feeling really down on myself as a missionary, but I shouldn´t have felt that way because only Satan gives those thoughts.

Some great moments of this week were: we went over to an investigator´s house and her older mother gave me a HUGE hug. I felt as if my Father in Heaven was just wrapping His arms around me through here. She was definitely an angel in disguise. Also Omar had told us that he didn´t like church the first time he went, but decided that he was going to go again this week and he LOVED it. He actually stayed the whole time and told me that he wanted to bring a friend with him. He told us that he got his answer and that he knows that the church is true even though it wasn´t a huge answer.

This week I learned that there is opposition in all things, but as longs as we are faithful, patient, and obedient, everything works out. We shouldn´t get discouraged when things are hard. We should just push through and trust in our Father in Heaven and that He has a plan for everything. This truly is the church of Jesus Christ and He leads and guides it with the help of His Father. I am so grateful that we have the restored gospel here on Earth and that Joseph Smith restored it. I am so blessed to be sharing this gospel and I have never been happier in my entire life. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. We can find the answers to all of our questions and problems there!

I attached pictures of my zone, a less-active named Yoel, and a selfie with my new t-shirt!
Have a great week and love you all,
Hermana Maikoski


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