January 9, 2017


Puerto Plata


Hermana Shaw

Days and Days of Contacting: My New Favorite Thing to Do

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great week so far!

This week we did a lot of contacting and ended up having really good numbers this week. We worked so hard and our fruits worked off. We had 2 investigators in church this week when we haven´t had ANY for a long time. One investigator that we just started teaching, Omar, accepted his baptism date for January 28! He is so difficult to teach just like my convert, Leo was. He reminds me A LOT of Leo. They are both great and I can see Omar changing every day. He told us just yesterday that he was praying to Heavenly Father and he felt just a ¨small inch¨ of something good. That was really good to hear coming from him. He just started putting in the effort to read the Book of Mormon, pray, and go to church, so that is definitely helping him to know for himself if the gospel is true.

Another great experience that we had this week was when we had a member team up with us. We weren´t even planning on her coming with us but we had the feeling to stop by another member´s house so we went. Later we found out that Mariluz -the member- was feeling really lonely and sad this day. She wanted to leave her house and needed a friend so we spent the rest of the whole night with her. We took her to this house where we were going to visit a less-active member, but he wasn´t there! His house maid, Sandra, was there though and I had talked to her before, but never had thought to share the gospel with her. She looked at me and asked if I was going to wait for the less-active member or leave and I had the prompting to ask her if she wanted to listen to our message and she let us in. As we were talking we found out that her daughter is less-active and that she had listened to the missionary discussions before! Wow! Heavenly Father is so awesome! She was so receptive to our message. She also told us that she was going to go visit her family that night, but couldn´t because she didn´t have any money. She was feeling really lonely too. I was about to give her money so that she could go visit her family and someone called and said that they would take her! She was jumping for joy. Anyway when we were teaching, Mariluz gave her sweet testimony and her conversion story. I was just so touched by this night and it is by far one of my favorite nights. It helped me to realize how important it is to bring members to our citas (lessons) because they each have their own testimony and they can touch the lives of our investigators as well. Also I saw just how much Heavenly Father loves and knows His children. He will never ¨dejarnos solo¨ - he won´t leave us by ourselves. He will always be by our sides and will send angels into our paths.

If you aren´t going out with the missionaries, I encourage you to do so. From the words of Mariluz, ¨I have never felt so happy and filled with the Spirit when I am with the missionaries. My days are so much better and I am the happiest when I am with the missionaries.¨ Also look for ways to be an answer to someone´s prayers.

Love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski

I attached pictures of my comp and I - notice how tan I am in one of the pics, a pic of my comp, Gabi and I, and a little girl of an investigator!


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