January 2, 2017


Puerto Plata


Hermana Shaw

I am a mom!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to tell you all that I am training Hermana Shaw from Arizona. She is 19 years old and loves all the stuff that I love, so we are going to have so much fun! I do miss speaking Spanish all the time though! (I never thought I would say that!)

Some things that I have learned as a trainer is that it is the small things that count like kneeling down for prayer, waking up, studying, and leaving on time. This will help us feel the Spirit stronger and we are being the most obedient we can. Hermana Shaw came that way and I love that about her. I have also learned that my weakness is CONTACTING. Surprise, surprise! BUT I can tell you that Heavenly Father has helped me with that as well. He has given me the courage as long as I don´t doubt Him and think too much. Also as we are being more obedient we are able to find new people that are ready for the gospel. Even though most of our citas (lessons) fell through this week and it was hard, I felt the help of Heavenly Father. He always provided someone at the end of the day that was willing to listen to us. I contacted this one man and I forgot to ask for his name and I was so devastated, but as we were leaving, we saw him AGAIN. I was able to ask his name and WOW. I was so happy! I am happy that Heavenly Father gives us second chances as long as we are trying to do what he asks. Also another experience that I had was that we were contacting and I was just so tired at this point... I was about ready to give up, but Heavenly Father put little children into my path and we played ball with them. They were so intrigued by our hair and eye color. They wanted to touch our hair. They were just so excited to talk with us and I loved talking with them.

Another funny experience was when we were contacting and I knocked on a door and the alarm went off. I ran so fast hahaha. Anyway in our training meeting with President Castillo, I learned some pretty cool things in Doctrine and Covenants 121:34-36, 40. He told us to think about why we were training and to be just like Jesus Christ. He also told us that we should trust in God and we will see miracles. Another question that he asked us was, ¨What should I do to be chosen and not just called?¨ Then he said that we have the powers of Heaven with us. That can mean that we magnify our callings or as a missionary literally we have the powers of heaven with us because we are taking upon us the name of Christ.

So my invitation this week is for you guys to think about what you can do to be chosen and not just called. Also to be more Christ-like. Serve others in small and big ways. We should put our trust in God and we will see so many miracles.

I love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski

These are pics with my daughter (trainee) and us at Teleferico (if you have questions google it).


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