December 19, 2016


Puerto Plata


Hermana Lopez

Merry Early Christmas

Hello everyone! Hope all is doing well and early Merry Christmas!!

This week was a fun one! We had intercambios and both my comp and I stayed in our area. That´s how big it is. These intercambios are different because our Sister Leaders are in Santiago and it takes 2 hours to get to Puerto Plata. So we got to have fun with them. Their advice for me was to speak up and I love that! I had forgotten just how much my opinion matters and that the Spirit works through me too. Also all the missionaries gave a talk on Sunday and that was interesting. As usual, I am playing the piano and giving a talk. I love how my Heavenly Father puts me way out of my comfort zone so that I can learn and grow and just open my mouth.

Also one thing that really stuck out to me this week is that it is very clear that there are two ways that we can choose, the good and the bad. Both those ways are clear. We either choose Heavenly Father and happiness or Satan and misery. I learned how important the Restoration is in these Latter-Days. Without the Restoration we would not have ANYTHING. We wouldn´t know that families can be together forever; we wouldn´t have temples; and we wouldn´t have the Book of Mormon. As I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish this week, I felt just a straight up love for this Gospel and for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that as we read it EVERY DAY, we can be filled with love for other people. Also that our testimonies will grow to know that Jesus is the Christ and that we have the priesthood keys once again upon the Earth. Also that we can find the peace and joy that we need in our times of trouble.

During this Christmas season, I love to think about all that our Savior has done for us by coming down to this Earth and being born. It really is a miracle. He saved us from EVERYTHING. He volunteered to do that. He truly is our Savior and Redeemer.

I attached a picture of Evelyn and Kinki - investigator´s daughters, a nativity, and a drawing that a youth drew for my comp and I. I am the blonde one 😋 Also I want to point out the fact that Mary is holding baby Jesus in this Nativity set. She truly took care of the Son of God. I love being in the DR for Christmas time because there are a WHOLE bunch of Nativities every where.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Hermana Maikoski


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