November 21, 2016


Puerto Plata


Hermana Lopez

Bye, bye Jarabacoa... Hello Puerto Plata

Hello everyone!

I have some sad news and some happy news... I left Jarabacoa and Hermana Wasden and now I am in Torre Alta in Puerto Plata with Hermana Lopez who is from Guatemala. I am so excited to be speaking Spanish all the time because it is going to get so much better, haha. Puerto Plata is the hottest place in the DR, but thanks to Heavenly Father it has been very cool and there has been a lot of rain. One day we had to be in our house early because it was so bad, but we are safe. I have a really bad cold with a really bad cough, but everything is going great!! We have hot water, but we have to take bucket showers. Also the members feed us here every Thursday and Sunday, so I am going to get fatter haha. Then this Sunday I had to translate for someone and it was so hard to think in English.

Today we went to feed doves and pigeons and that was crazy. I am sending pics to my family. I am sure they will pop up on FB somewhere. I am also sending pictures of Irkania and her child Ivanna and Jeni - Leo´s mom.

My spiritual thought for this week is- I was reading this morning about the 2000 strippling warriors and how they were so valiant in keeping their covenants and when the people came to attack them they were so scared but they continued faithful to Heavenly Father and their covenants. They prayed for the strength and they stayed firm in their testimonies. If you want to read more read in Alma 57 verses 21, 26, and 27 and in Alma 58 verses 10, 11, 12. But what great examples they are to us. We are going to have people attacking us or our trials are going to come, but if we stand firm in our faith and in our testimonies, God will help us through everything. I know that to be true.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski


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