November 7, 2016




Hermana Wasden

Letter to Mom 11/07/16

What has been the BEST experience you've had so far on your mission? I can´t just narrow it down to one... Ask me when I am back home or during the Skype session. I will write it down and think about it before that time.

What has been the most valuable lesson you've learned on your mission thus far? The most valuable thing that I have learned is that our Heavenly Father really does know us personally and love us. He extends His arm toward us everyday, but we need to trust in Him and just follow the Spirit and serve.

Any fun story you want to share that happened this week? A fun story this week happened at M´s - that investigator that wanted us to come to her house - house. Her husband´s brother was there sitting all chill and then we started talking about religion and he said that he was a prophet then he was leaving and asked if he could say a prayer. We said yes and he asked us to give him our hands so we did... He began to pray normally, but then I could feel him shaking his head and his mouth and he was really freaking me out. All of M´s family started laughing and I couldn´t help but laugh. It was definitely one for the journal!!

Also this Sunday was a duzy. We were late for church because we were picking up M's family and we thought President Castillo was going to come and you know I have to play the piano. I almost missed sacrament meeting. Then afterwards we went to M's house for lunch and didn´t come home like we normally would... So I was still wearing my church shoes and walked in them all day, but my feet didn´t hurt. Then President Buret calls us around 5 to say that we have a meeting that they announced at church when we weren´t there. He was really mad and then he just sat there and screamed at the missionaries for not wanting the branch to help out. I started crying and saying that we don´t really have any investigators to visit and that settled the situation. Mari his wife was sitting next to me and hugging me and telling me it was okay and the members had our backs. I was so grateful for that and I could feel their love. Also M's little girl grabbed my hand when we were walking to their house and I could just feel Heavenly Fathers love. He really is merciful and I I have learned to look for the tender mercies on the hard days and they get me through everything. Seriously though... Everything is really great and transfers are coming soon! We´ll see if I am going to be in Jara for another transfer!

Sorry this is so short... but I love you!

*Pictures are from their trip to Santiago today.


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