October 24, 2016




Hermana Wasden

Keep smiling through your hard times! You are never alone.

Hey everyone!

This transfer has been really difficult and my body is so exhausted from everything that we have been doing, but this truly is the work of the Lord otherwise it wouldn't be hard. Anyway, something funny that happened this past week was that Hermana Wasden and I were both teaching a lesson in our sleep to the SAME investigator, hahaha. We both sat up in our beds and start teaching. I have just learned to laugh and find the fun in the hard times. Heavenly Father doesn't want us to suffer!

We have just barely started teaching Leo's mom and she is SUPER kind. We love her and always feel at home in her house. She feeds us and takes care of us. She is not like a normal Dominican parent. It is really awesome and she's very special. This week we weren't really in Jara because Hermana Wasden had to go renew her visa. She went to Santo Domingo and I stayed in La Vega- Primavera area with a sister that had just had 2 weeks in the mission field. That was quite an adventure. She was really nervous and scared because she doesn't know the area, the people, or the language yet. I just had the feeling to really take it slow and if she got stressed to help her out. As I did that, I saw how much Heavenly Father loved her and the people in her area. We found three people and taught them. I was able to lead the lessons, speak AND understand the Spanish they were speaking. I know that Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost were with both of us during this day.

Oh and we had our Primary program this week! It was so great and cute. I played the piano and it was awesome because we never practiced and everything went well. Man, I am just so grateful for little kids. They all have such special spirits. One thing that I learned this week was something about the Savior's atonement. When He was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He cried out to His Father 3 times because the pain was so terrible and excruciating. BUT He kept going because He knew how much we were depending on Him to do this HUGE act, so that He could understand us in our difficult times. He loves us so much that He kept going. He was so humble to the Lord's will. As I thought of this, I thought of how important we are to our Heavenly Father and to our brother, Jesus Christ. They provided us a way so that we can get rid of all our sins, depression, challenges, and doubts. We just need to be humble and accept Their help. We always need to be willing to follow His word and His gospel. I am just so thankful for His sacrifice. I know that I talk about this like almost every week, but I grow to love Him more and more every week. I love you all and keep smiling through your hard times! You are never alone. Have a great week!

Hermana Maikoski

Pictures included are of the package she received from home, her desk area in her apartment, her new Georgia shirt she received in her package, a dragon fruit.


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