October 3, 2016




Hermana Hall


Hey everyone!

This week was so great and SURPRISE! We had a baptism!!! It was the young man named Leo that made a compromise that if he did not get his answer before 2 weeks that he would not get baptized. He got his answer. So we went to talk to his mom and she was just the sweetest person ever. She was crying and she was just so proud of her son and how great he is. Anyway, the day of the baptism interview for Leo, it was raining and we thought for sure he was not going to come because he HATES the rain. Both Hermana Hall and I were praying so hard and seconds later he comes in the door dripping wet in water! It was amazing. The day of his baptism was so crazy. We were running around like crazy, but by the time it was time for his baptism, the spirit was so strong. I gave the baptism talk and I was so nervous, but Leo just gave me an encouraging smile and it helped me to feel better. Then Hermana Hall gave the Holy Ghost talk. After that Leo was baptized by his friend aka the son of our branch president. He had to be dunked 3 times because the font is so small and not alot of water could fit into it. Once Leo came back to the room, he was BEAMING. He just could not stop smiling and we are so happy for him. His conversion came by reading the Book of Mormon and doing all the small things. I love it! I attached pictures!

One day we ate cow intestines with Irkania. That was interesting... The texture was weird. Yeahhhh, Irkania is still not married. We have no idea when she is going to be baptized. Also my new comp will be Hermana Wasden from Colorado. She is awesome! One of my friends in the MTC had her as a comp!

Also, I really loved everything about conference and about the repentance process. That day I had read 1 Nephi chapter 18 and this is what I learned from it-
The brothers of Nephi bound him because they did not want to hear his words about how they needed to repent. Even though his brothers had bound him, he gave thanks to the Lord and did not complain. The Lord made a storm come so that his brothers would repent and let him go. Once Nephi was let go, the Liahona worked again. Then he said a prayer and the storms stopped and everything was calm. We can relate this to our lives. We can either be like Laman and Lemuel or we can be like Nephi. We can be upset with those that tell us that we need to change our sinful ways or we can give thanks to our Father in Heaven for His merciful plan. When we [bind] the righteous things the storms will come and we will be almost forced to repent. Once we let go of our sins and pray for forgiveness, the storms will cease because of our faith and because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This does not just happen once. It is a constant cycle and boy am I really grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ so that we can be clean, filled with peace, and be filled with joy once again. Our God is so merciful.

I love you all and thanks for all your prayers,
Hermana Maikoski


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