September 26, 2016




Hermana Hall

Hey Todos aka Everyone

Sorry I am writing late. We went to Monte Cristi and in all it takes 6 hours to get to Jara and back. Sorry for not having many pictures too. We haven't been doing very many cool things either. I attached a picture of the dragon fruit that I tried and a picture of a little kitten that a member had. This week our water heater broke... We had no idea so we were just sweeping water for a couple of days and then one day I found the problem and now everything is better. I felt like we were living in a river haha. That was fun and took a lot of our time away.

We are supposed to have a baptism this week on Saturday in between the Conference sessions, but we have bad news... Bryan is so ready but his mom won´t let him get baptized in our church. We are trying to work really hard with her this whole entire week. The day before Bryan asked his mom if he could get baptized, we had a really spiritual lesson with him. We were all crying. I shared one of my own personal experiences because that´s what the spirit told me to do and I just started crying so bad. It was one of the best lessons I have had so far. The spirit was so strong.

Also I finished the Book of Mormon! Man, that book is so powerful and important. I especially loved 3 Nephi Chapter 17. I loved how it talks about Jesus Christ and how He healed the sick, people with any affliction, cried for the people, blessed the children, and knelt in prayer for the people and especially the children. It just shows the example of Christ and everything that He did for the people of America. He worked many miracles and dedicated His life to living and serving others. I love that and we each have the opportunity to be Christ-like.

I loved Women Conference last Saturday - even though it was in Spanish. I especially loved President Uchtdorf´s talk. I loved what he shared about the missionaries and how attitude is everything. All the people that talked during that conference talked about the stuff that we teach as missionaries - like the Doctrine of Christ, The Plan of Salvation, and the Atonement. It just showed how important our job and message is.

I love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski


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