September 19, 2016




Hermana Hall

La paz empieza con una sonrisa. Peace starts with a smile.

This week we had a zone conference with Elder Hugo and Elder Martinez. It was so cool. He talked about how our faith increases through attending church and how the worth of a soul means that we all have potential to become like our Savior. We also have to open our hearts to hear the Spirit talking to us. Then President and Hermana Castillo talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. We can look for our answers to our problems, doubts, and trials in the Book of Mormon and then if we ask with all our heart and meditate with real intent then we will find our answer. Also there are tons of dragonflies in the DR and they usually show up just when I need them. They are a symbol of changing for the better, so when I am having a hard day with the Spanish or with the people, I think about how all of this experience is going to make me the best me ever. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and knows our needs. It is so amazing to me to know that the person that created this world loves all of us individually and knows us. He truly is our Father in Heaven.

We had a water balloon volleyball night for mutual last Wednesday, but we played it DR style haha. We found these old skirts and shirts and used those instead of towels. It was so much fun haha.

Update on Leo... His time passed, but he´s still taking our lessons and going to church. In order to teach males we need a girl to be present during lessons... So when we came to the house of Bryan and he didn´t have a girl with him he went and got his sister so we could teach him. Then he came to the devotional with Elder Martinez and said he got his answer to his prayers and that he IS going to get baptized!!!

I am attaching a picture of Choloc - a member. There should be more. I am going to forward them to my mom.

Love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski


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