August 22, 2016




Hermana Hall

FHE lesson, we are like Instruments and workings of the Spirit

Hey everyone!

This week was a rough one. Everything was just kind of falling through and we were trying to get members to come to our meetings with people and it all just fell through. We experienced many miracles though. My mom always taught me that there is always something positive in our days and that HF is always blessing us even when we can´t see it constantly. We did have a cool experience though at a FHE. We used water and cornstarch and related them to testimonies. When you aren´t working or playing with the cornstarch it turns to liquid. We need to always be strengthening our testimony. Also one day we decided to be exactly obedient and things started to work out better. We decided to walk a different way because the spirit told us too and Heavenly Father placed so many people in our path that needed us. So on Tuesday it was so hard to find people because no one was here. The president was getting sworn in and people like to party and leave their houses when that happens.

Our district meeting last week was amazing. We talked about the Atonement. It was a totally different spirit. It was so strong. Also my District Leader, Elder Hefner, gave us some really good advice. He compared us all to instruments. First, you have to warm up the instrument aka study. Next the instruments have to be put under pressure and be heated up- things will be hard. Next, We have to be tuned- willing to change according to Heavenly Father´s will. Last, we need to trust that the instruments will do their things- trust that the Spirit will work through us and HF needs to trust that we will do His will.

I have been playing piano in Sacrament meeting and even though it is terrible sometimes and I don´t know how to play the song, the people love it. They all love music so much and it just warms my heart. We are looking for many new investigators now because we don´t really have any that are progressing or have the desire to come to church. Irkania is FOR REAL getting her marriage papers today, so she´ll be getting baptized soon. I forgot to write an experience we had. Last week, a guy named, Willy, came to church and wanted us to come over. We didn´t have his number though so we prayed he would come back to church this week and he did! We got his number and we are going to go see him. He was just a contact on the street too. We can tell he has such a desire to learn and grow. He came to our Gospel Principles class and I followed the Spirit. We were talking about a principle and I looked at his face and he looked confused, so after class we talked to him and he just could not stop smiling: It made me so happy and it was awesome to feel the spirit work through me.

Some funny experiences-
Irkania learned how to say, Oh my gosh and anyway and she just kept saying it in our lessons. We are on her background of her phone. It is adorable. Also please pray for her daughter Ivana... She has Zika and she is only like 6 months old. Then one less-active member asked me whether I was near-sighted or far-sighted and I thought she asked me what sickness I had... so embarrassing, but we just laughed and laughed.

I love you all.

I am attaching pictures of us with a less-active, Marcia -she gives the best hugs and I always feel like I am at home in their house. Also a picture of some cows we saw the other day. Sorry there aren´t much pictures! Have a great week!

Hermana Maikoski


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