June 30, 2016


CCM (Missionary Training Center)


Hermana Evelyn

We should turn out when we would normally turn in.

Hola everyone!

So this week has been one of the slowest weeks in the CCM, but that's okay. It has also been one of the best weeks too. Tomorrow I get to go on splits with missionaries who are out in the field. SO EXCITED!!

Anyway one day this week was having an absolutely terrible day. Everything that could go wrong was going wrong. Hermana Evelyn and I were just not communicating really well and we had coaching study with one of our teachers. We were both in tears. Later that night, I had an experience that really made that day one of the best days I have had at the CCM. We taught our investigator "Alejandra". We planned really well and we were able to talk the same amount of time and the investigator talked too. She was really nice and had a lot of faith. She listened to what we had to say. At one point in the lesson, we started to talk about how faith takes a while to develop, but we can develop it little by little. I had the distinct prompting to share how I was struggling with learning Spanish, but my Heavenly Father had helped me to learn it by small and simple ways. Both "Alejandra" and Hermana Evelyn teared up. It was so cool that the spirit allowed me to say that. I was able to say it all in Spanish too. I know for a fact that Heavenly Father and the Spirit helped me that night. I had turned my heart to my Father and prayed in my deepest moment of despair and He brought me through right when I needed it.

We watched a devotional with Elder Bednar speaking and he said somethings that really hit me. He said that we should know and act like the character of Christ. The character of Christ is that He would turn out when we would turn in. Christ would ALWAYS submit to the Father's will. When Elder Bednar said that, I thought about my mom because she would always think about others before she thought about herself. It also made me think of how I had been turning in by not opening my mouth because I thought I was bad at speaking Spanish. That was very selfish of me to do. Another thing Elder Bednar said was that, "The Atonement blesses us with strength beyond our own." I really like that because I have found that to be so true since I have been out here. Christ's Atonement has helped me in many more ways than I thought it would have before.

I know that as we turn out to others, we will be blessed and we will feel joy. When we're struggling the Savior's Atonement will give us strength to press on. We just need to rely on the Savior and submit to the Father's will. We NEED His help and as long as we ask, He WILL help us.

Hermana Maikoski


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