June 23, 2016


CCM (Missionary Training Center)


Hermana Evelyn

The gift of tongues is real!

So I just want to start off by saying that I love the temple!

2 weeks ago we went to the store and that was fun. The other missionaries that were here left a couple days ago and it was so sad. It was very lonely. Now we are the pros of the CCM. So on Friday of last week we went to immigration to get our permanent visas for while we are here and we had to go to the doctor too. We fit 14 missionaries in the same car. It was very interesting and that is all I can say about it haha. Then later that day my district went to the university and found people to talk to. I was so nervous because I had not been at the CCM all day, but once we got there I was so calm. Hermana Evelyn and I walked past these 2 girls that were just sitting there. Then we both had the same impression to go back to them, so we did! We were both able to talk to them. We got to know them a little bit and then we shared the Restoration message and the Book of Mormon with them. They were very interested in what we had to say and they understood what we were saying. It was so great! It was one of the best things ever because we gave them the Restoration pamphlet and gave both of our Books of Mormon away. They talked to us the whole time too, though.

Another neat thing that happened was that we sang "Dios Vive" (I Know that my Redeemer Lives) in Sacrament meeting on Sunday, but during the practice I just started busting out in tears because the Spirit was so strong and I just knew for a fact that my Savior lives and loves me. He knows what I am going through.

I attached a voice recording for my sweet sister Emalee for her birthday! I also attached a picture of Hermana Evelyn fixing my hair problem. I don't know what it is about the DR, but it has messed with my hair so she was helping me wash it.

Hope everyone is doing well. I love you all,
Hermana Maikoski


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