June 14, 2016

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President Romney

Pics and letter from the MTC

To: Friends and Family of Missionaries in the Dominican Republic MTC.
From: President Brent Romney

Re: (1) Preparation Day is Thursday
(2) Packages sent to missionaries in the MTC

Greetings from the Dominican Republic MTC! It is a delight to have your missionary here.

The preparation day for missionaries in the MTC is on Thursday, which begins one week after they arrive. They write their e-mails in the afternoon. That is when you can expect your first e-mail.

Our experience has shown that packages from the USA to the Dominican Republic MTC take up to 4 weeks or more to arrive and often arrive after a missionary has left for the field. We recommend that all packages be sent to where your missionary will be laboring. That way the package will be awaiting him or her as they enter their mission. It is difficult for us to forward packages to missionaries serving outside the city of Santo Domingo. Also for your information each time a missionary receives a package in the Dominican Republic, they will have to pay a custom fee, and it is about $2.50 a pound.


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