November 13, 2017




Hermana Laguna

The gospel makes us happy.

Hey everyone!

This week was AWESOME! We have seen so many miracles. God has hand chosen our investigators. We found this guy who is really strong and has a lot of tattoos (I judged him a little bit at first), but as we sat down with him, we found out how interested he is in this gospel. He is SO ready for this gospel. We left him a Book of Mormon and he read soo much in that one day. We feel the spirit so strong with him. He has so many inspired questions too. God puts us in the right place at the right time. Good news is that Angi is going to get baptized and that I am feeling myself again. Elder Cook came to the DR and it was FREAKING awesome. That night before we had lots of Hermanas in our house and we partied it up like missionaries can haha.

The devotional with Elder Cook taught me so many things. A few things touched my heart... He said that he felt that the missionaries in my mission are humble. Then he said that we should recognize the urgency of our callings. He told us that the mission isn't just for us but it's for the people that we love. Something that really touched me was when he said that we should put all of our worries aside if we feel like we aren't capable enough.

Something that I learned this week is that only the gospel can make us happy and gives us peace in our times of trial. I love what Elder Holland had to say in his talk "The Gospel Path to Happiness".
He said this, ¨“Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it.”

¨In short, your best chance for being happy is to do the things that happy people do, live the way happy people live, and walk the path that happy people walk. As you do so, your chances to find joy in unexpected moments, to find peace in unexpected places, and to find the help of angels when you didn’t even know they knew you existed improve exponentially.¨

We were meant to be happy and that is the grand plan that Heavenly Father has for us!

I love you all and have a great week,
Hermana Maikoski

My comp and I bought ice cream, missionaries in the conference and many more pics. Sorry don´t have time to write!!


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