February 16, 2014


Laie, Hawaii


Sisters Woods, Clark, Nance

Aloha from Hawaii

I guess the last letter I e-mailed did not get to the right place and therefore was not published, so I am farther behind than I thought. I am not too good at writing things down. I know I should do better. So, I see that the last info was before Christmas and Christmas Lagoon. Christmas Lagoon was wonderful, tiresome, and overwhelming. They more than doubled the attendance from the previous year. People stood in line for 2 hours, we were there until after 10 every night. I was a once in a lifetime experience to ride the canoe through the Christmas Lagoon. The story they presented of Christ's Birth was so good, They had real people and real animals, and it was so fun. I loved the live singing and at the end they told how Russia and Spain celebrate the birth of Christ, at each place the canoe stopped and the kids did a cute dance from that country. The very end we sent under a bridge and around through to the place where they hold one of the luau's. We were behind the waterfall, it was dark, and on came the lights, and the kids started dancing and singing all I want for Christmas is you. Along with them were two yetti's on each end dancing and singing with them. I don't know how they did it standing on those tall stilts to make them tall. Their costumes were awesome. It is Hard to explain, and unless you were there, I am sure you can't get the whole picture.

Since the Lagoon, things got back to normal, but taking down the lights has been a long process. Myself and Sister Erickson spent at least 4 weeks going over to Special Events and help untangle, and roll up lights and put in bags to store for next year. I think I might have to fly back to help them put them away next year. It is a never ending task. I thought of the many lights at the Mesa Temple, and I think I know how the people feel who have to take them down and put them away. Thankfully, that is over, and we are again back to normal with our usual duties. I have varied things I do, just whatever needs done, but my favorite thing to do is go out with the fish food in the mornings and go around to the vending machine, collect the money, and refill it with fish food. At some of the places, the ducks will greet me, and they will eat out of my hand. I don't know why, but I love to feed them, and the fish. Also, I throw a little to the birds who come along also.

I have the awesome experience to work with the managers and people who are at each village that you visit. They are so kind and nice. At least once a week, we work at the restaurants or Luau and take tickets as the people come to eat. That is a fun experience also. We also get to go to the BYU activities, volleyball and basketball games. I don't go all the time, but have been to a few games. Every Monday night we have a family home evening, and Brother Pollack has had some wonderful things planned. In January when they had the temple closed for renovations, the man who has done the stained glass windows in a lot of the temples was there to do some work on one of the windows, and they asked him to come and do a fireside. It was so good. He told of how he got started, and also how his inspiration comes for the windows, and told us the hidden meanings and some of the things he has in the glass. It has been too long, and I should have written about it sooner, but when you look at the stained glass windows in the Gilbert Temple, they were done by him. Also, Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, Palmyra, and a temple in Texas, others also, but I can't remember them all. I just remember when I got to go to the winter quarters temple I could not believe the beauty of those stained glass windows. It was fun to meet and talk to the man who did them. Well, I have now written a book and it will take you too long to read it. I will try to do better in the future. I can only say that I am happy serving here. I feel so blessed to have been able to serve a mission here. I love the PCC, I love the missionaries I am serving with, I love the people I am meeting, I love the students in the ward I go to, it is just an awesome experience. I am missing home, my family and all you wonderful friends. I am excited because my two brothers and their wives are bringing my mom to see me on the 27th. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I am also loving to read the letters my grandson is sending from his mission. He is having some great experiences also.

Until next week, Aloha and good night. Sister Johnson


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