November 24, 2013


Laie, Hawaii


Sisters Woods, Clark, Nance

Getting ready for Christmas Lagoon at the PCC

Hi Family & Friends,

Sorry I have been lazy and not sending e-mails. Seems like when I get home I am too tired to think, and then sometimes I have to go back out to family home evening, and other activities. So, I will try to repent and do better.

Right now we are getting ready for Christmas Lagoon at the PCC. We are stringing lights around all the trees, putting up wreaths on all the bridges, hanging icicles around the mission home, and wreathes along the railings. I can't wait to see how beautiful it is going to be at night with all the lights on. The theme is "The Light Within." Each village will have a presentation and they are representing different countries. Should be pretty fun and also a spiritual experience. There is a beautiful spirit here. I really feel that The Lord has a hand in all that happens here. The night show is called HA, the Breath of Life, and it is AWESOME, Everyone should plan a trip to come here with their children to give them a great experience. It is educational as well as spiritual. I feel very blessed to have been able to come here. We have 17 single sisters here now, and all are wonderful, with different strengths and talents. We have a great time together. We are free on Saturday's, and sometimes go to the movies together, or plan excursions to other places. We have been to Waimea Falls, which is a beautiful place. The foliage around here is so wonderful, and at that place it is even more beautiful than you can imagine. We also went to Kualoa Ranch, took a boat out to a little mountain that looks like a mexican hat. One Saturday we went to Hanauma Bay. Yesterday we went to Kailua Beach, and then into the town of Kailua and walked along Main Street and looked in all the little shops. I hope that next Saturday we can go to Diamond Head. We have not done that yet. So, basically we work hard during the week, and on Saturday's we try to go sightseeing. Alex Boye came here to do a concert, and we were able to attend that. He was awesome. I had never been to one of his concerts. We had a great regional conference last Sunday, I so enjoyed all of the talks.

Last Sunday I did my VT for the first time since I finally got assigned to a ward. It was a very fun and different experience. My companion, and the two girls I teach are the age of Kelsey and Tayler, my two granddaughters. They are so cute, they were surprised that I was old enough to be their grandma. They live in these tiny little apartments, going to school, waiting to graduate so they can move on with their lives. Two of them are planning on moving to Arizona when they graduate. The one girl is getting her degree in tourism, and wants to work at one of the big hotels in Phoenix. The other girl is going to move to Europe. she is from Amsterdam. Guess that is about all the news this time. Hope you don't get too bored with all the catch up, and hope I haven't repeated myself too much. Love and miss all of you. I am happy for all the missionaries that are coming home. Such a wonderful experience to serve a mission. Until next time, hope you are healthy and happy.



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