October 3, 2013


Laie, Hawaii


Sisters Woods, Clark, Nance

Another week in Paradise...

Hi Family & Friends,

I took tickets at the Island Buffet Wednesday night and the two kids in costumes were there for the pictures that they take before the people go into the buffet the other girl is one of the people who clear off the tables. We have to be at our post 30 min before they open the doors to let customers in. When I first walked up to the place the boy walked over to me and said in a excited happy voice, how are you tonight sister? I answered back that I was fine and I said and how are you, and he said I am so AWESOME, I just took out my endowments at the temple today and I leave on my mission in two weeks. Then he proceeded to tell me what a wonderful experience it was and how much he loved it and couldn't wait to go back tomorrow, and it was his goal to go everyday until he leaves for the MTC in Provo. He was so cute and had the sweetest personality . I can tell by his excitement the he will be an awesome missionary. There are so many cute kids here, most are here from other countries going to the Y and the PCC is the place they work to earn money. I just couldn't get over how happy this little guy was.

We had 750 people at the Buffet tonight and included in that number were several groups of around 35-60 students from Japan. They were teenagers. When we were almost through taking tickets and were waiting for more people to come through, this cute little girl walked up to me and was trying to ask me a question in Japanese and of course I couldn't understand her. She had a pink cloth in her hand and seemed to be telling me something about it. I was looking around to find someone to help me and a group of other Japanese students started coming out and I said does anyone speak English and one of them came forward and this little girl showed her the pink cloth. The girl took it from her and handed it to me and said she forgot to leave this at the table when she was through eating. It was the napkin from the buffet. I looked back at the little girl and she was smiling at me and I just reached out and gave her a big hug and told her thank you. She was so cute. Then I felt a little dumb for not recognizing what it was and that she was trying to give it back. Anyway the evening was another great experience for me.



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