December 5, 2016


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Sister Hamblin

Lesson in Faith

My whole life, I thought I knew what Faith was, what it meant, and how to have more of it.

I didn't really understand it until this week.

We had no one to teach and we were sad. While we were in MLC this week, and as I sat, squished between my companion and my best friend, President talked about faith and I almost tuned him out because my mind was buzzing about a hundred other things. But he told us that FAITH must be centered on Jesus Christ in order to produce miracles. Simple enough, right? I've heard that before a million times.

But for some reason, it hit me HARD this time.

I have had my faith in the wrong place, my entire mission. I've had faith in only myself and that's why I have never been quite satisfied.

So I decided to put this all to the test.

We knocked lots of doors and taught FIVE nonmembers. All of them accepted a lesson but NONE of them accepted a return appointment. :( So we knocked more doors. We shared the Christmas video with strangers and felt the spirit and nothing in the world feels better than testifying of Jesus Christ.

But we still had no investigators.

Fast Sunday rolls around and Hambone and I decide to fast that we can find two new investigators that day. That morning, we got a text from the assistants that told us we weren't allowed to watch the Christmas Devotional unless we were watching it with an investigator. I was super sour about this and I yelled at no one in particular about it for a few minutes, then but on my big girl pants and we, after church, did some more tracting. We met some really cool people, and there's nothing more exciting then tracting in the cold on a very empty stomach. Still no investigators. We had dinner with the Maughn's and they invited their friend over and told her we would be sharing a message. We did, tying in the Restoration with the Christmas video, and we asked her if she would be interested in learning more. She said no . We left the Maughns and it was 8:00. an hour left our day, and hour left to find these two new investigators. Something was different about my attitude, though. I had prayed that my heart would be filled with light and faith IN Jesus Christ, and it was. I was excited and I felt assured that if we put in our work, the Lord would do His part.
And he did. At 8:30 we stopped by a house of a little family and taught them a short message. They told us they wanted to learn more, and we set up an appointment for this week.

Not only were we blessed to teach a WHOLE FAMILY, but I learned a huge lesson about faith. It is everything.

Some random things
1) Don't play what are the odds as a missionary. 10/10 would not recommend
2) We taught Keagan again. he had memorized I Am a Child of God completely. he asked Fawn to say the closing prayer and SHE DID. It was the first time she has prayed in over 10 years. It was incredible.
3) I got bit by a five year old this week. I have a bruise.
4) I wrote an entire script for a play that our Zone is going to put on at the Christmas concert. It's a lot of extra projects and stuff that I'm taking on, but it'll be so worth it. Our first rehearsal is tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Funny bit..
Sister Hamblin, talking to a 70 year old lady in our ward who has 0 teeth
"Sister Slovack, what's your favorite holiday?"

lololol. Have the GOODEST week, everyone.


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