November 28, 2016


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


Sister Hamblin

Corn through a straw and other tales

I feel like I say this every week, but there's actually nothing more emotionally exhausting than being a missionary.

This week was crazy.

On Monday, after emailing, we all played Ultimate Frisbee in the freezing cold and it was worth every second, even though we all were numb and our fingers were actually broken. #AnythingForFriz

Tuesday was actually one of the most insane days of my mission. We were late to District meeting because we had to pick up the Elders because their car was in the shop. Elder Hawley gave his last instruction and Elder Hansen and Elder Wood gave their departing testimonies. Our friend Julie came to District Meeting even though she isn't a missionary and she just cried through the whole thing. Sister Hambone (this is the name Charlie started calling Sister Hamblin haha) and I sang a song for Elder Hansen at the end of the meeting, and it was super hard to get through it without crying... missionaries leaving you is the hardest thing. We all have matching friendship bracelets now so they are forced to remember us forever.

Later that afternoon we taught Keagan again. I wanted it to be Less chaotic than last time, so this time we just decided we would teach him a song. We taught him to sing "I Am a Child of God" and he loved it. he sang it at the top of his lungs and wanted to show everyone in the house. We asked him what part he liked and he said, "I love the part where it says I can live with Him someday!" Keagan never fails to melt my heart. He brought the spirit into the room ad you could tell Fawn could feel it.

We went to S.P.O. again this week, the food pantry. We passed out food with the Elders and it was good fun. After it was over, the sassy black man who is in charge of it all, gave us all the leftover food. People always think missionaries are starving. We are definitely not. But it was really sweet anyway.

That night we met back with all the Elders at Julie's and Hambone and I gave Hawley his gift. We had taken videos of all the missionaries he loved and all the ward members he loved saying things they loved about him and we put it on this USB. He loved it.
It was a really long night. A lot of my friends were going home that night and they all called to say goodbye. It was hard. I didn't sleep much that night.

Thanksgiving was amazing!!!
We had Thanksgiving at the Erlers and it was pretty great..... Sister Erler is a single mom of three kids and she had invited her whole non-member family over to eat Thanksgiving with us. Cool missionary opportunity, right? We thought so too, until we were exiled to the Kid table. We were sitting there with Sister Erler's children, Blake and Corey. They are both very sober children who don't talk a lot. We tried to make conversation and then I ended up just saying, "Man, I BELONG at the kid table. If I was at the adult table, I would probably just do something childish anyway, and get kicked off. Like sucking my corn through a straw." Blake and Corey looked up at each other with wide eyes, and without saying a word, ran to their cupboard and grabbed two straws. Then chaos broke and they started slurping up their corn and spitting it at each other. It was hard not to laugh, but laughing turned into pleading them to stop as they started to run all over the house and spit corn at each other. Corn got everywhere. In the cat litter, on the carpet, in the Christmas tree. Hambone and I tried to clean corn off the floor because I felt partially responsible. Sister Erler walked in and saw the mess and was obviously mad, and she yelled "WHO STARTED THIS??" and they all pointed to me at the same time. Even my companion. Sister Erler laughed and made the boys clean the rest of the mess up, and then we were finally invited to the adult table. lol. Not so dignified is suppose..

The rest Thanksgiving was wonderful. We went to a few other houses. We sang Christmas songs and ate Pumpkin pie that was ALMOST as good as mom's:), and played lots of games that I beat everyone at. It was a good day and it took my mind off of being sad about all the missionaries that left.

Other than all of that, it;'s actually been a pretty tough week as far as the work goes. Over 5 appointments we've had set up this week... we've been stood up for. And yesterday Bronwyn texted us and told us she didn't have time to come to church or to meet with us anymore. My heart broke. We went home to grab something and I just went to my room and prayed for like 20 minutes. I just felt to discouraged and useless, like nothing I ever do makes a difference. Then, we got a text from Morgan Maughn, a lady in our ward, and she said, "Hey Sisters. I was thinking about you today. Do you two want to come over for a few minutes tonight and drink some cocoa with our family?" It sounds silly, but I took it as a sign that there are ALWAYS people I can bless. We shared the new Christmas video with them and it gave me peace. Discouragement is a tool Satan uses to stop the work.

Anyway, even though we are back to an empty teaching pool, we are trying not to get discouraged. We are going to work hard this week and have faith.


Love you all!!!


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