August 22, 2016


Ellicott City


Sister Bullock


This week was great, even though about half of it was spent in a near-coma state in my bed.

We went to the visitor's center with Tina this week, and it was great. She loved it. She's a very independent woman, and very spiritual. So we could tell she was getting annoyed at the visitor's center Sisters who would ask her dumb questions like, "So, Tina. What does the word Faith mean?" And eventually it got so bad that Sister Bullock, (Who was paying a lot more attention than I was, because I was doped up on Dayquil and I felt like i was in another dimension.) finally asked Tina a REAL question, "Tina, how does your Savior Jesus Christ help you have more faith?" Yas. that's my baby girl. She had a wonderful time there. She felt the spirit and really liked the emphasis on families. She came to church again this week and Sister Bullock and I were busy handling a lot of other drama so we were late to sacrament meeting, but there she was, with her little pink hat on and her pointy shoes, in the 9th row, singing the hymns and acting like she belonged. She's the best because she doesn't need us at all. I love her. She is fasting about baptism still. But we know she's preparing for a "Yes" because she detoxed her house by getting rid of all her wine and tea. SHE IS GOLDEN. I'm sad that I'll probably be transferred before her actual baptism.

Also, we went to the Desert Book store after the temple and she bought me Lehi Roller Mills cookies because I said they were from my home:) Love her.

We picked up two new investigators this week! Dreyana and Roxy. Dreyana is 15 and she is a dancer. She is adorable. She is changing her life right now and can't stop reading the BOM. She loves it. We taught her the Restoration and she said, "Wow. That's amazing. I love everything about this." We are excited for her.
Roxy is a great lady we taught the restoration to a little bit ago. She took us to McDonald's and she got really mad when all I bought was a parfait. She was like, "GIRL. YOU BEST BET IMMA FEED YO SKINNY BUTT. GO GET YOU SOME FRENCH FRIES." So yeah..I did. We read 3 Nephi 11 together and she loved it. She's always sending us pictures of her dogs. We can't see them because we have a dumb phone. God bless

Side note, there was a snake in our apartment.

Yeah but basically that's all I have to say about life right now. I am really happy and I love being a missionary and I love Jesus.
So yeah. Love you


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