April 4, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen

Shalom, y'all

**Sorry everyone, I've been out of town so I couldn't post till today. But that means you'll have two this week**

It has been a good week, everyone! I hope you enjoyed conference as much as I did. I'm such a loser, haha, I started bawling when Jeffery R Holland got up, before he even said anything. Conference on your mission is like CANDY! anyway.

We taught our Investigator Lisa on Monday, and that was really cool. You could really see the desire she had to learn more about God, and especially about the Plan of Salvation specifically. It's amazing how much hope that brings to people. We taught her the Restoration and as soon as we started to talk about the Savior and His earthly ministry, she told us she was too tired and needed to meet a different day. She hasn't been able to meet since, and she isn't answering our texts. It's hard not to get discouraged after you start to love someone and you almost see them take grasp of the new light entering their lives.

We had a really awesome street contact this week after our rigorous weekly planning session, and we ran into this millennial! WHoop! named Carter. She is 18 and told us she wants to know more about God and that she has been searching for the truth. we are going to meet with her this week. She told us her father is a former preacher and she has seen a lot of sin in her life, but that she needs to know the truth. She is going to school for Musical therapy and her personality automatically clicked with Sister Olsen and I as we talked about music and art and God's love for her. I am thrilled to teach her and I feel how much the message of the Restoration will bless her.

We also have a baptism coming up on this Saturday, it isn't a convert baptism, but it sure feels like one. The Welch's are this family where the father is not a member, the mom never comes, and the grandma will take the kids to church occasionally. We have been teaching Aiden, this adorable 8 year old, for a few months now and he has this innocent, pure desire to be baptized and follow the Savior. He is being baptized and even though he isn't technically a convert, he feels like one because he didn't know anything until we came and started teaching him. It really shows that sometimes, on a mission, your numbers won't show the times you bring people unto Christ.

In Zone Training this week, our awesome district leader issued a huge challenge to his district. We are all going to read the BOM in 30 days. I can't wait and I have already been blessed so much because of it. The book of Mormon is becoming a huge focus and it's my goal this week to testify of it more and use it more and read it more. there is definitely a reason to why it is central and keystone to our religion and our lasting conversion. It is the most powerful testimony of the divinity of the Savior that we have. I love the Book of Mormon. so much.

Anyway. I love you all. Conference is the best. Watch it again.
-Sister Sanborn


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