March 7, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen

Lots of Love for Walkersville

Sorry this week is going to be short. I'm not getting transferred so that means I have a bit more time to work and serve in an area I really love.

I love the motivation I get from my family and friends. It is much needed and I know I can always count on you! Things are better!

There is a place called tropical smoothie here in MD... It is the only thing keeping me going. hahah.

We went on exchanges this week! I normally HATE exchanges but these ones were wonderful and much needed. I went to Mt Ariy for the day, where Elder Willis is getting transferred, and learned SO much from Sister Orr. She is amazing. She taught me sooo much I can't even begin. All I can say is I was amazed at how much I could learn about missionary work in one day. I am like 397x more motivated to find and teach people since that day. Soooo good and so fun.

With the things I learned in Mt Airy, I decided to get really gutsy and So sis O and I went tracking and I asked every single person I met for a referral. And it payed off. We got several referrals and I have a feeling our teaching pool will increase soon, if we keep this up and show Heavenly Father we are willing to work hard. He is so mindful of ALL OF US. Where there is a will there is ALWAYS a way:)

So this is a short funny story about our week. Sister Olsen and I were in the car and I took out a CD and the radio automatically came on and "Bad Blood" by Tay Tay came on and we both let out a blood curdling scream. Yep. That's right. I have been truly converted against the world. hahahha. It was sooo funny.

So you remember Maxine, the 93 year old lady we see every week, decided to invite the Elders over for a luncheon without telling us. We were there and then suddenly.. they were there. It was hilarious.. Maxine was trying to play matchmaker!!!! She kept "accidentally"having to leave the room and take care of something so we kids could have some alone time. yeah no that's not going to happen, Maxine! We made the Elders leave, but not before Maxine got upset that the Elders weren't giving us hugs goodbye.... hahahahah she's senile and tricky!

Anyway! Walkersville for 6 months!! I love it here and can't wait to find people to teach! Keep holding on even though it gets rough.
Sister Sanborn


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