December 14, 2015


Frederick, MD


Sister Bartschi


I WANT CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM ALL OF YOU. OKAY??? Everyone reading this letter. I would love one if you have one.

Also, especially my family, you NEED to check out they have all these AMAZING videos on there that just fill me with so much of the Lord's spirit. Especially the David Archuleta and Alex Boye ones. I watched those both like 50 times. Also, check out "A World Without a Savior" It's crazy to me - I am way more sensitive to the power of music now that I have the spirit so strong with me all the time. What a blessing.

We had exchanges this week. for a day, I was with Sister Moore, who is actually going home in two days. She's super nice, and an amazing teacher. but you would have thought me and sister B had been separated for years, the way we hugged at the end of exchanges. Hahah. Reunited!!! SO glad we have another transfer together. anyway, Sister Moore said the coolest thing to me while we were out. She said, "Sister Sanborn! Do you understand how important you are to this area?!? They haven't had sisters in this area for over a year. and as SOON as you came out into the mission field, they opened up Walkersville. they opened it because of you. I have no doubt about that." and I was like woah. that's powerful. I am going to work hard to make sure I'm the missionary they've been waiting for.

We had a lesson with Beverly and her daughter Krissy this week. It was so good. We brought up the Word of Wisdom, which I've been terrified to do, and it actually went a lot better than I thought. We will be teaching her the whole lesson this week. Her daughter is like 23 and she couldn't stop saying, "I feel so warm" the spirit is so good. and they BOTH came to church yesterday. SO did our investigator Kenzie. She's a doll. She stayed for the full three hours and loved primary. She realized she had a lot more friends in there than she thought. I love her so much.

This week - we had a huge zone conference with Elder The - a member of the seventy. It was so good and I took lot's of extensive notes on how much I need to improve on. I felt so heavy afterward, not going to lie. I felt heavy with all the things I'm not. so much I need to be. Thankfully, Heavenly Father is a lot more concerned with our direction than our speed. I can get better everyday and I don't have to become weighed down with all my inadequacies. Even though it's really really hard sometimes.

On Saturday night, sister Bartschi and I were driving back home from Downtown Frederick and we missed the ramp to get on the freeway. which was really strange, because Sister B knows Frederick pretty well (as well as a directionally-challenged person can). anyway, we got on the Ramp and we were going pretty fast, and we saw this car straight ahead of us that had it's hazards on and we slowed down and I just felt like we needed to pull over. As we were doing so, we saw this young mom waving her arms, trying to get people to help her. We got out of the car and ran over and the entire front of her car was Demolished. and there was a dead deer laying 40 feet away. She was this adorable lady about 23 years old with a baby in her arms and she was in hysterics and her car was smoking like craaaazy. She was Sobbing and not making any sense. We figured out that this dear had come out of no where and the collision had been so bad that it made all of the airbags in the car go off. Amazingly, this woman had not been hurt at all and her BABY was STILL asleep when she climbed in the back to grab her. We calmed her down and she had us hold her baby and we had her sit down while she called the police. It was so scary. but the baby was as calm as could be and I offered a silent prayer of thanks that this precious family was okay. the Lord is so aware. The thing that really hit me while we were driving back to the church was... that would have been us, Had sister B not missed the ramp to get on. Our car would have NOT been able to stand that. I have no doubt it would have been us, in a mess. don't worry mom, Heavenly Father is so good at protecting His servants. :) Anyway. that was a cool experience. She got our number and we got hers. She could have not been more grateful. In her eyes, when she say we were from the church... there could have not been more relief on her face. People need God. Most people just don't realize it until they are scared, or on their last hope. How sad. Our Father wants us to be with him during the happy times too.

**(I asked Savanna what I could be doing here to further the work and this was her response) there is so much work to be done. and everyone can see it. Don't make anyone a project. the members here are SO good at doing missionary work by loving the people first. Member Referrals are the most successful investigators. The missionaries need the members more than you could possibly imagine. The members here know that missionary work is the most important thing they could be doing.

Also - I hate the way I used to look at Christmas. . If I have realized ANYTHING out here - it's that absolutely nothing matters if it has a price tag. honestly. you hear it all the time, I wish I could express it better to have you all realize it now. Sister Bartschi and I talked about this on Friday afternoon because we realized how many Christmases we haven't given the Savior. My wants for Christmas have changed so much. I just want to talk to my family and think about my Savior. What else matters???

I love you all. thank you for everything,
Sister Sanborn

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Jeshua Osorio says:
What an awesome letter! I'm writing my Christmas cards to missionaries today! She'll get one.
on December 15, 2015

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