December 7, 2015


Frederick, MD


Sister Bartschi

Good Times

I had such a good week! I really am so happy out here. It started a bit rough, I was sooooo sick on Tuesday. terrible fever. Sis B is an angel and took such good care of me though.

This week we had trainer/trainee meeting and that was really awesome because I got to see Sister Koyle and Sister Blosch again :) That made me pretty happy.
At this meeting, the assistants basically just try to get all the dirt from us about our trainers. I had NOTHING bad to say, and I quickly realized just how blessed I am to have Sister Bartschi. Some sisters, you can just tell, they don't love their companions at all. they have to be right all the time, they don't trust their trainees to have any good opinions... oh wow I am so blessed. So blessed. I pray every day that I can stay with Sister Bartschi another transfer and spend Christmas with her. The Lord probably doesn't like that we are so comfortable, though ;) We honestly could not get along better if we tried. We are going to be really good friends for the rest of our lives.
It was a really good meeting. Our mission president is so inspired. He just really made me realize that this work is going to move forward with or without me, and so it's time to roll up my sleeves. What an inspired man.

the Cleveland family is my favorite, they are the family that always has Beverly over, and they invited us over for Christmas Eve which made me so happy. Because I'm 99% sure I'll be staying here in Walkersville. Which makes me soooooo happy. (BTW, if you're confused, my area and ward are called Walkersville but I LIVE in Frederick) Sister Cleveland said something that made me so sad though, "When I was on my mission and I had my first Christmas, I wasn't really all that worried about it because my family had still sent me some presents. but then, on Christmas Morning, I opened them and I realized the best part about opening them with your family is being able to hug them and thank them right there. and that couldn't happen." And I was like WOW THANKS MAMA CLEVELAND I WAS FINE BEFORE BUT NOW I'M A TRUNKY MESS.

We had a really cool night on Saturday, we had a girl named Allie come out with us, and she's thinking about going on a mission, so we decided to throw her into one of the scariest things: Street Teaching. We went to downtown Frederick on Saturday night, and it was beautiful. So many families and people out, with all the Christmas lights and the cozy shops and everything was too picturesque. anyway, a great time to go street contact! We approached a bunch of different people and Allie was sooo much braver than I was on my first day. After she saw us do it a few times, she was ready to go! and she just did it! We were amazed at her courage. On my first day, Sister B was like "go talk to those people" and I was like "" hahah. But it was such an awesome night!! we contacted like 40 people! Which doesn't really sound like a lot.. but it is. 40 more people that have had seeds planted. And a few of them talked to us a while. It's crazy how much people will open to you just on the street - tell you about things they are going through. Those are always amazing opportunities to testify of Doctrine. DOCTRINE IS THE ANSWER, people!!! It is always the answer. Like good ol' David A Bednar says, having a problem with home teaching in your ward? Don't switch it up. Don't find new ways to do it. TEACH the doctrine behind it. Applications won't get us anywhere. If our investigators and all those we teach know the WHY behind everything, the doctrine of our Savior Jesus Christ, then the application and the principles will be understood and grasped more easily. Amazing how that works, but it's so true. EVERYONE needs to look up the talk "The Doctrine is the Answer" by David A Bednar. It's so brilliant and it will change your entire perspective on how you keep the commandments and WHY. So good.

It's been kind of a sad week as far as teaching goes, Beverly seems to be avoiding us.. we got to read 3 Nephi 11:6-17 with her on Friday night but she didn't come to church like she said she was going to.. I don't know. You can tell she wants this in her life but she's scared of what it will really mean if she accepts it. IT MEANS HAPPINESS, let me tell you that right now. Sometimes the Lord has a way of refining us that makes us uncomfortable. That's how He likes to do it. Anyway,
everyone lift up your hearts and rejoice!!
Love you-Sister Sanborn


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