March 24, 2019


San Diego, California


Sister Fraser- Sister Training Leader

Oh hey there

Oh hey haven't wrote an email in quite some time!
These past few weeks I have been chugging along with ups and lots of down, but hey such is life right?!

Oh man where do I begin...
Interfaith has been tons of office work yet fun, thanks to the people I work with there! A few Monday's ago I got to go and serve before my assignment there at the morning soup kitchen it was super fun to be able to interact with those that come into interfaith needing help and to help make and serve them a meal!

The Habitat for Humanity job site that I serve on has been getting built super fast, which is so awesome! But I am no longer serving there as of right now, I am taking a little break to try to help myself get better. So sadly the pink hard hat and tool belt will be put on the shelf for a little while.

The temple, Family History Center and Institute have been just great! The temple is closed for 2 weeks, and I miss it...a lot, the Family history center is oh so fun, and I am loving studying all about church history at institute!

Old town has been amazing! I absolutely love going every week and meeting so many different people. This is the place where I get the most questions about my name badge and why I volunteer here, and I absolutely love answering all the questions they ask and telling them all about how I am a service missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Just the other day I met a mom an daughter from Japan who were members of the church and another family from Utah and the daughter is just about to leave on a mission. I got to answer questions about why I volunteer there to a man from Tijuana, and I got to share all about the church and BYU schools to worker at the park. It is such an amazing place to volunteer and I love every minute of it!

Camp Wildwood has been super fun! Last week after raking many many leaves, I got to go with one of the managing sisters up there, Sister Frost, and learn how to check groups out and make sure they cleaned everything right. I am glad that I got to help because it was a large group of many different families who came from Arizona, which meant many rooms to check.

Just yesterday we had our March Mission Conference that was at Camp Wildwood ranch. It was so much fun! We started with our opening meetings and watching a video and slideshow about the Camp. We then had instruction from Sister Dyer on how General Conference is coming up, and after hearing her words I am way more excited than I thought I was for it! Then we had instruction from Elder Dyer (Mission Leader) on who we are! After that we got to serving there were missionaries in groups all over raking, clearing volleyball courts and building shade structures. After eating lunch we got to have some fun and anyone who wanted to got to ride the zip line. I got to help them up top get all hooked up and go and it was fun pushing some missionaries down... don't worry it was all with there permission :) All in All it was such a great day and if you haven't heard me say it before here it is, I LOVE MY MISSION.

Lastly today after speaking in sacrament meeting with a member of the High Council in one of the wards in my stake, I got to go to a lunch for Sister Fraser. Today was her homecoming talk and she is now officially done with her mission. She has taught me so much! She is kind, patient, caring, and always so concerned about others. She was my first sister training leader in this mission and since I got called to be a sister training leader, she has been my companion. I am so sad to see her leave but excited to see what the future holds for her at BYUI - and to see her again there in the winter!

These past few weeks have been some of the hardest since coming home, but have been filled with so many tender mercies. I have learned over and over again that God is always there, he will never leave our side and as we turn to him humbly he will help us in ways we never expected!

Until next month when/ if I remember to write an email

Sister Owsley

Oh and one thing I forgot...
I HIT MY HALF WAY MARK!!!! 9 months down, 9 to go! don't ask me how I feel because I have such mixed feelings haha

1. nailed it
2. half way party sponsored/ forced upon by mama Owsley (love you) <3
3. Mission Conference
4. we will miss sister Fraser!


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