March 6, 2019


San Diego, California


Sister Fraser- Sister Training Leader

Road Trip

(Let’s pretend I sent this email when I wrote it on Friday 🤦🏽‍♀️)

First off 2 Sunday’s ago, I got to go on a mini road trip with my mission leaders, Elder and Sister Dyer, and Elder Baker. We got to go out to El Centro to welcome 2 new missionaries to the San Diego Service mission! It was such a wonderful day meeting the new elder and sister and getting to know the new mission leaders more. Oh and WE SAW SNOW!!!!!!
Interfaith- after a week off for Presidents’ Day, I had a great week this past week catching things up and finishing some projects!
Habitat for Humanity- this week I got to work with a girl about my age from Korea. We helped clean up the job site and put some 2x6s on the sides of the scaffolding to avoid tools falling down and hurting people.
Temple/ Family History/ institute- 2 weeks ago we got to take a little break on our “yes or no” project and we got to do some of our own family history and get names to take to the temple! We got shown this short cut and within a few minutes I found more names than I have in my life... it was awesome!
Old Town- 2 weeks ago I was in the Mccoy again and it was all goooood except it was 48 degrees inside the museum and I was freezing all day until an hour before I was finished one of the workers brought me a jacket (prayers do get answered)!! This past week I got to be in a different museum, Seeley Stables. I loved being in there it is such a cool museum and gets a lot more people coming through than the Mccoy
(280 vs 50 people).
Camp wildwood- last week up there we helped move rocks near a stream by the main road. And I also got to get trained on all of the team building games & activities, which I love doing!!!

Last weekend we also had mission conference! This one was a temple mission conference so we got to all go to the temple together, which is my absolute favorite. I got to do sealings and got to seal some couples and children from my own family out of the names I found at Family History.

Not going to lie these past to weeks have been a little hard mentally for me. But despite my hard days I am so grateful for my mission and all the assignments I have, where I get to be pushed, but also get to be with some amazing people who lift me up and give my the extra push I need!
Love you all!!
Sister Owsley

1-2. El Centro... and we saw SNOW!!
3. Mission conference
4. Old town at Seeley Stables in front of the theatre!


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