February 14, 2019


San Diego, California


Sister Fraser- Sister Training Leader

Love <3

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely Friends and Family!

Last Monday after having my interfaith service cut a little short. I got to go and meet with 5 new mission leaders who will be in charge of multiple service missions in different areas in the United States. A few missionaries and I got to be on a little panel and answers all sorts of different questions they had for us so they could get a better idea of how a service mission should run!
The next day although Habitat for Humanity was canceled again (due to the rain) I went down with Sister Wilkinson to again meet up with these 5 couples, as they were touring many different assignments, and talked to them about what I do there!
Last Wednesday was a great day for all of my assignments, we had an awesome devotional at the Family History Center on Liberty Jail based off of the talk "Lessons from Liberty Jail" by Elder Holland I LOVED reading this talk and the chapters that go along with it D&C 121,122,123 and would encourage all to read them!
Thursday was my first day alone at old town and all dressed up in my new "period attire". I was in the McCoy house and I would say had a pretty successful day! I got almost 50 people that came in and I got a lot of reading and learning done about the McCoy house Museum!
Saturday I got to be back at Camp Wildwood! It was super nice to be back and up in the woods... although we spent all of our time in the bathroom sanding all of the walls.
Saturday Night and Sunday morning we had stake conference, and wow It was so amazing. All of the speakers gave us beautiful messages and I loved the themes that were shared between all of Trusting in our Father in Heaven, Share the gospel by living it and minister to others by loving them!

And to sum up this week:
Interfaith on Monday consisted of archiving old volunteers and going to Chicken Charlie's and eating WAY too much food with some employees and volunteers.
Actually being able to go to Habitat for humanity, I got to answer some questions about the church and service missions another volunteer had and I learned that blocking and framing is my weakness on Tuesday.
Temple, FHC and Institute where we learned about how we can follow the prophets plead for us to gather Israel in D&C 84:80-88 on Wednesday.
And lastly today (Thursday) getting all dressed and ready to go to old town, and the whole time having my mom tell me she was terrified to have me drive in this crazy weather (rexburg friends cover your ears, by crazy weather she means a lot of rain and its 62 degrees outside), then 2 minutes before I left, I finally listened and made some calls and had everyone said the same thing that driving all the way down to Old Town (45 min drive) was not a good idea. okay fine you were right mom... :)

Love you all more than all the mud on my brothers truck!

Sister Owsley

1. Post Q&A on Monday with ZL & STL
2. Sister Wilkinson and I at Habitat - of Coarse with the pink hard hat and tool belt
3. All ready to go to Old town... but not going (I promise I'm not 500 pounds #itsthecostume)


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