December 31, 2018


San Diego, California


Sister Fraser- Sister Training Leader

6 Months

Okay I am sorry to anyone who I was talking to 3 months ago saying how my mission felt like forever long. Because wow was I wrong! It is so crazy to think that it was already been 6 months! But what an amazing 6 months it has been!!!

Saturday the 15th I got to up to Camp Wildwood with one of my companions Sister Vargas! That day there were no campers there so we got to start working on a project of building shade awnings! One by the rock climbing wall and one on a tent camping site. We were joined up at the Camp by some new service missionaries, and we all got to pitch in from deciding where to position them to drilling holes and mixing cement. By the end of the day we got all the posts put up and in the ground held up by cement!

Monday the 17th at Interfaith I was in charge of the toy room, and I was pretty excited about that. The whole day I was organizing and receiving donations! But towards the end of the day while taking a short break in my supervisor’s office a case manager walked in and told us a short story of this woman she was talking with right then. She had just had her 2ndchild a few days prior and was looking to get into a program that helps to provide dippers and baby necessities, but her wallet had just gotten stolen. After hearing that, my supervisor (who is awesome BTW) says I don’t care that she has no form of ID, get that women what she needs and…. We are also going to give her a Christmas. The Case managers eyes lit up and told us that we had to meet this woman so we did and got some information on her 2 kids. She said that her oldest girl loves My Little Pony stuff and then my eyes were the ones that lit up! Earlier that day we had received a donation and one of the toys was a large pack of my little ponies. When we showed it to the mother her eyes were tearing up. I am sure the person who donated that was inspired to get that gift so that this woman’s little girl could get what she wanted for Christmas!

Tuesday at Habitat for Humanity I did a lot of cleaning and organizing (HA I guess it was the theme for the week) around the job site. And more exciting news 3 families were all moved in, and the 4thfamily was planning on moving in the next day… all before Christmas!!!

Wednesday was a great day at the Family History center! We had a little Christmas party, but we were also working and as I was trying to find some names to take to the temple I came across my Great Grandpas Sister and was researching her and their family. And I just felt so much joy as I was looking through records finding stuff out about her. It was truly a great experience and I cannot wait to get some time and keep searching for information!

Thursday the 20th was a great day at the temple and … was the day I hit my 6-month mark, YAY!

A few weeks ago I got called to be a Sister Training leader. With this assignment I get to go to new missionaries setting aparts. The mission is growing and I have been to a handful already, each one has been so amazing. Just by meeting these new missionaries for the first time I am amazed by there enthusiasm and excitement to serve in this mission and the light of Christ that shines through through them!

These past few weeks have been filled with so many miracles and tender mercies. I am so grateful for all the things I am learning through others on this mission, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New year full of, goal setting and service!

Sister Owsley

1-2 Camp Wildwood
3 Temple Lights
4 These are all paintings that the amazing Sister Lee made us at FHC of us with our name tags (and look at the larger picture of all of us that is the Anderson's) SO CUTE


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