December 14, 2018


San Diego, California


Sister Fraser- Sister Training Leader


Family History - I have loved working on the new project Salt Lake gave us to work on. The "Yes or No" project that helps them put more records into their system. And this week we did something a little different, we went and served! We went and visited 2 people and caroled to them!

Institute - We had an amazing class this week on the Plan of Salvation and D&C 76 I learn something new everyday in that class and am grateful for Brother Peterson and the awesome teacher he is as well as all the preparation!

Mission Conference - Camp Wildwood was on a little bit of a hold this week as we had Mission Conference! This conference was a Temple mission conference. So we met at a nearby Stake center and were taught by some of our mission leaders, we then all got assignments as to what part of the temple we would be in. I absolutely LOVED it. Being in the temple with the missionaries and feeling their love was empowering and I loved being able to worship inside the temple with them!

Setting Apart - I got to attend a new sisters setting apart, Sister Branson's. I am so excited to have her in the mission. She is such a ray of sunshine and is so fun to talk to! She loves the gospel and you can tell by her smile that she is SO excited to serve in this mission.

I am so grateful to be able to serve in this mission. I have seen so much these past 2 week how aware our Heavenly Father is of everyone of His Children. And how serving blesses so many lives!

Sister Owsley

1. Hot chocolate on a rainy day before our temple shift!
2. Adopt a Family donations
3. Mission conference
4. Post mission conference gingerbread house competition 5. Welcoming Sister Barnson to the mission 6. Interfaith- organizing gifts 7. Whole mission a our mission conference last Saturday!


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