October 26, 2018


San Diego, California


Sister Fraser- Sister Training Leader

The start of something new

Okay, Okay,I promise from now on I am going to try to start making these emails more consistent (haha key word try). So I will be sending my weekly email on my off day which is Friday!

Last week was a rough week. Lots of things were just getting to me and I felt like I had no time to stop and breathe. But luckily as hard as last week was, this week has given me so much hope, and has given me much more confidence in myself and what I am doing.

I'll start with this past Saturday... I added a new assignment to my schedule! I am now working at Camp Wildwood every Saturday helping them run the zip line and probably helping them with other activities and projects in the future! I love being up at this camp and have recognized how amazing the spirit is up there in the quiet hills... it's awesome and I am so grateful I get to have this as a regular assignment.

Monday and Tuesday my assignments both got cut short for various reasons, but I still gout to help out at interfaith with their volunteer data base and don't you worry I still got to paint at Habitat for Humanity. But it was actually a blessing because I got to have a little time to relax and sleep so I could start off the week right!

On Wednesdays I work at the temple now! (Due to my Saturday assignment change). And let me tell you, there is something about being in the temple early in the morning that just helps get your whole day on the right foot! We had lots of fun at Family History (lets be real when don't we) and had an amazing class in institute about the Second coming and D&C 29.
Thursday temple = :)..... enough said
And lastly today.... I got to teach seminary which was way weird but way awesome. I taught D&C 42:30-42 about the Law of Consecration. I loved studying this myself and learning about the early saint and how their Law of consecration was a little different than how ours is today. Spencer W. Kimball's quote telling what this law is, in this lesson was my favorite, it said:
“Consecration is the giving of ones time, talents, and means to care for those in need- whether spiritually or temporally- and in building the Lord’s Kingdom”.
I am so grateful that I get to be a Service missionary and that I get to be doing this on a daily bases. I will challenge you all with the challenge I gave the seminary students, to go out this weekend and serve others, use your talents and time to help brightens someones day! I know that as you do that you will be blessed and you will feel the joy that comes from serving the Lord!

Have a great weekend y'all,
Sister Owsley

Pics :)
1. Halloween party ("Mission")
2. Family History Friendsssss
3. The temple because it was a gorgeous day


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