July 29, 2018


San Diego, California


Sister Fraser- Sister Training Leader


Hello amazing family and friends,
As many of you know about 3 week ago I returned home from the MTC. I experienced depression while at the MTC and couldn't get it enough under control to continue. So with the support of my counselor, doctor, branch president and parents I made the decision to return back home to try and get everything figured out. I was heartbroken returning home and leaving a mission I had so much desire to serve.

I am so blessed with the opportunity I have right here in San Diego to be able to continue to serve as a missionary for the Church Service Mission. I am so excited to continue to serve and am grateful that I can do that while staying at home and trying to figure this depression out. As I am doing my best to try and push myself forward (with lots of help from mama Owsley, and Bishop ;)) I just wanted to share this information with all of you. Today in my homeward I got to give a homecoming and farewell talk and will be sharing that on a blog that again the wonderful mama Owsley made for me.( Going forward I will still be doing weekly emails from my regular gmail ( as a way for me to journal and be able to share with you all the wonderful experiences I'm sure I will be having as I serve the Lord by serving others.

Thank you all so much for your love and support!

Sister Owsley


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